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The city’s hottest nightclubs have started opening, but not everyone can enter. Please come to ID – Club Simulation MOD APK (Unlimited Money), you will become a serious security guard to keep your bar functioning properly.

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  2. Introduce about ID Please – Club Simulation
    1. Gameplay
    2. Do not be distracted
    3. Control
    4. Characters
    5. Rewards and items
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  3. MOD APK version of ID Please – Club Simulation
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  4. Download ID Please – Club Simulation MOD APK for Android

Overview information

NameID Please – Club Simulation
PublisherLion Studios
Version1.5.29 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Please tell us about ID – Club Simulation

Lion Studios, ID Please – released recently by Club Simulation, however, has attracted a lot of attention from players. It is a game of the genre that emulates a nightclub in the city, a gathering place for young people (and of course, it is not for children). Despite the extremely simple game mechanism, the game still holds many players thanks to its addictive charm and extremely high-stress relief capability. Therefore, it is released on many popular platforms such as iOS, Android, and even PC.


ID has simple gameplay, even when you experience it for the first time, you can quickly understand the game’s tempo. You will play as a guard at the club door with the only task and check your guests according to the club rules. There will be many disgruntled guests and will try to find ways to be able to enter the club spontaneously and your job is to prevent this from happening. Before allowing anyone to enter the club, you should ask that guest to present their ID card so that it is valid for the club rule.

Each day you will have 3 invitations from well-known nightclubs, which can also include working time and salary. Players will choose where to pay the highest price for doing the work (usually you have to see the advertisement to get the job with the highest salary). You have to work 7 days, 3 shifts a day. For each innings, the club will give you a different rule that you should follow. For example, in the first days, the club should only have guests over the age of 21, but in later days there will be more special requirements, such as guests wearing red clothes or not getting drunk.

Don’t get distracted

As a nightclub security guard, you often meet extremely mischievous guests. They are willing to do anything to get ahead of you. Guests can create ID cards or even use the money to bribe you. So id please you need to keep a cool head to overcome all temptations and at the same time be sensitive to identify all the fraudsters correctly. And of course many times you have to meet angry guests, ready to fight everyone. Your duty is to prevent this conflict to ensure that your club is functioning in the most professional manner.


ID Please is an extremely easy and suitable control system when used on mobile devices. Players simply swipe and touch. In the same way, you select a partner in Tinder, swipe customers to the right to enter the club, and swipe to the left to reject them. There are many guests who do not meet the requirements of the club but have a VIP card. You have the right to agree to enter or drop them.


There are only 2 characters (representing gender) for the player to choose from. In addition, your character will also be given an apartment near the club to facilitate work. Players can gradually upgrade from a small, cramped apartment to a luxurious, large apartment with full amenities. Of course, you will have to pay more.

Awards & Items

The salary you will get will depend entirely on your working attitude. In each game screen, the task completion level will be evaluated based on the stars you receive (3 stars, you will get a lot of money). Also, preventing controversy or serving VIP guests will get you some tip money. Use the money to buy furniture for your apartment as well as change costumes for the characters. Don’t forget to buy yourself cool glasses – an essential accessory of professional guards.


ID Please rated as one of the simulation games with beautiful graphics. The characters are designed in a modern, serene style and are also very unique with many different states ranging from cautiousness to drunkenness to guests.

Please APK APK Version of ID – Club Simulation

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: This is a simple simulation game, so money does not greatly affect the progress of your game. However, the money will help unlock fun items (such as shoes, suits, T-shirts, etc.) for your guard. And you can upgrade and buy a lot of furniture for your apartment.

Please download ID – Club Simulation MOD APK for Android

ID Please is a fun game, relaxing and suitable for relieving stress after hours of stressful work. However, one minus point is that the game does a lot of advertising, and sometimes it makes players feel very uncomfortable.

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