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Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Idle Army Base
    1. Gameplay
    2. Many challenges to overcome
    3. Upgrade the barracks
    4. Graphics and sound
  3. MOD APK version of Idle Army Base
    1. MOD feature
  4. Download Idle Army Base MOD APK for Android

Overview information

NameIdle Army Base
PublisherNeon Play
Version1.16.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Introduction to Idol Army Base

Idol Army Base is a military simulation game. The search for officers’ activities and discipline has never been easier! The game I’m starting is not a newly released product. It has reached over 5 million downloads. It promises, Idol Army Base will be worth playing.


Have you ever anticipated the lives of soldiers in a military environment? Join the Idol Army Base, you will become the owner of the world’s largest military base. In Neon Play’s latest passive simulation game, you learn how to manage army activities.

The passive army base is in the passive genre, and its gameplay too, literally. In the game, you just need to unlock, upgrade and expand everything. Then your units work automatically and make a profit.

Start by having soldiers in your camp. You can then train them through military operations. This includes training single skills and tactics at the training ground or training each cohort unit, working together for them and helping each other in difficult situations.

You see, not only are you exposed to many things in the military, but you also understand how the military works. Use the profits to invest in buildings, and build activities to attract more troops.

Develop this place as a strong military base and a prosperous economy. Although there are many difficult factors that hinder you as a leader, you can overcome them, okay?

Overcome many challenges

Apart from training and training the troops, you will also have to go through many challenges and missions from the system. Manage the military, expand territory, recruit or upgrade weapons and equipment.

Despite it being a passive game, there are some things you need to do. This makes sense because there is no relaxation in a military base. If you stop practicing or stop practicing, you will lose discipline, which is especially important in the military.

But overall, those jobs are not very difficult. Apart from this, you also get instructions from the system. Feel free to experience and guide your troops through challenges.

The game has produced some incredible rewards, so wait and see what they are!

Upgrade Barracks

With the money collected through

operations, you can reinvest in your base.

First, unlock the available areas in the camp. An army is not limited to just one area. You can produce bombs, armor, rockets instead of conventional guns. The game also allows you to train other forces such as the Navy and Air Force.

Increase the overall strength of the army in all three areas above ground, underwater, and above the air. As you can see, although this is not mandatory, your army will not be able to sustain for long without one of the above.

And as you go through many levels, the reputation of your military base increases. This will attract more recruits to the base to join. At this point, you will be a little busy. You need to manage very well because it is not easy to run thousands of people at once.

Also, you can manage and develop a park at the Idol Theme Park Tycoon. Graphics and Sound

Idol Army Base has simple and intuitive graphics. This will immerse you in the experiences of each training area. The top-down view allows you to see and hold the operation of the barracks.

In addition to the visual experience, the Idol Army Base is also heavily interested in the player’s audio experience using epic melodies. Soon, you will realize that you are indeed in the army.

MOD APK version of Idol Army Base

MOD feature

  • Free shopping: All upgrades and extensions cost $ 0.
  • No Ads

Download Idol Army Base MOD

No complicated and heavy about military tactics in World Arms, the Idol Army Base gives players many relaxed moments.

For those who want to explore military life and play passive sports, the Idol Army Base is the best option that I can introduce you to. Simple controls, intuitive images combined with simple gameplay, you’ll soon be stuck in the game for hours.

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