What are the weakness and strength?

Iran revolution also is known as the Islamic Revolution in Iran happened in 1979. After, Revolution other countries people asked Iran to choose Russia either America because these are the superpowers. Then, Khomeini replied We said Allahu Akbar, it’s mean the GOD is great and there is no superpower except GOD. Iran, always says we’ve got power through GOD. After the 1979 revolution, America forced Iran to knee down. But, Iran didn’t knee down. Because of this, America forces Saddam to war with Iran. Although, Everybody knows there is no need for any war but still America forced Saddam to go in war and supported Saddam by giving the weapons.

Then, War started on 22 Sep 1980 and ended on 20 Aug 1988. The war happened 8 year and One-Lac people died. Brainy people consider Iran is the winner of that War because Iran Toppled Saddam dictatorship regime and replace him with a democratic regime (selected by Iraqi’s peoples). The point is to notice is that Iran wasn’t capable of that war but still Iran was sufficient to battle against the indirectly USA. Nobody knows how was it possible. Should we accept that “Is GOD really helping Iran” or Should we accept “Iran has a good strategy”. Both seem true, If you believe in GOD you could accept it or If you don’t believe in GOD then you’ll have to accept that Iran has a good strategy. Why, let me explain it, Now this year “41 Years” has completed Iran is surviving under sanctions.

This is impossible for any country to survive under sanctions. If you put the same sanctions on America then America will not survive longer for 30 days under the sanctions. But, still, Iran stands against the sanctions. So will you say it is GOD power or it is Iran’s undefeatable strategy. Why I’m saying undefeatable strategy, have a look at Qasim Soleimani assassination, the entire world believes that America failed to defeat Irani General Qasim Soleimain in strategy this is why America killed.

Iran’s Qasim Soleimani’s strategy defeated ISIS, Al-Nusrah, Al-Qaeda and such terrorist group. While, America, Iraq, Syria, and Russia failed to defeat ISIS.

Iran’s strategy defeating America since 1979 in every aspect. I’ll let you decide is Iran strategy is the strength or “GOD power”.


Iran weakness are sanctions. Why, because America forces countries around the world to not purchase anything from Iran. If, any country purchases anything from Iran. Then, America imposed sanctions on such countries.

Is weakness is strength.

After putting off 41 sanctions on Iran.

After the 1979 revolution in Iran, Iran asked many countries to give them missile so Iran could protect itself. but nobody gives them even a single missile. What is the result, Iran built is own Missiles, even Iran’s missile can attack its targeted location from its high range missile. You can see the example of Iran attack on US-base in Iraq.

Iran released around 12 ballistic missiles on US-base. But America could not defend any single missile. While America claimed that America has a patriot defence system. In every attack, it’s patriot defence system got failed. You can see another example in Saudi-Arabia, Yemeni’s rebel did a drone attack on Saudi’s Oil refinery Aramco. This is the same patriot defence system that America wants to sell to India. Fortunately, earlier India denied this patriot defence system and took the S-400 Defence system from Russia.

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