Iran and USA Nuclear Deal 2015 Full Explained.

Recently the whole world was shocked when US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the US from the nuclear deal with Iran in 2015. In 2015, after a long-term diplomatic initiative, when the nuclear agreement of five other countries including the US was signed with Iran, the whole world breathed a sigh of relief. It was then expected that the entire world community would be able to improve its economic relations with Iran again, recovering from international tensions arising out of Iran’s nuclear program. So, it happened. Circumstances were normal and the whole world was once again on the path of development. However, Donald Trump’s breaking of this nuclear deal again raises the possibility of an international crisis. For this reason, this nuclear deal with Iran remains the subject of discussion again or this deal sign by a black man Ex-President Brack Obama.

In this article, we will try to know what is Iran nuclear deal? What is the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty? What is America’s strategy behind getting out of this nuclear deal? We will know how the weakening of the nuclear deal will affect India, Middle East Asia, and the international community and what should be India’s strategy in this whole development.

Know what is Iran nuclear deal: Here is the summary of Iran and the USA nuclear deal 2015 fully explained.

Let me tell you that Iran started the nuclear program peacefully in the 1950s. But things got worse when it came to light in 2002 that despite the signing of the NPT i.e. Non-Proliferation Treaty or Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran is rapidly assembling its nuclear weapons. This led to growing concern in the international community about Iran’s nuclear program. The United Nations Security Council member countries, including the US, began to feel a kind of threat from Iran (point is to be noticed that the world is not concern about North Korea or Russia or American’s nuclear program. North-Korea who always said he’ll drop Nuclear or Hydrogen).

Subsequently, in 2006, the United Nations Security Council imposed a variety of sanctions on Iran. At the same time, the United States and the European Union also imposed a variety of economic sanctions on Iran. Therefore, Iran’s trade with the countries of the world stopped and Iran’s economic situation started deteriorating. Finally, in July 2015, all the member countries of the Security Council, such as the United States, Russia, China, France, and Britain, and Germany, and EUROPEAN UNION entered into a nuclear deal with Iran in Austria’s capital Vienna. The five members of the Security Council and Germany are jointly called FIVE + ONE COUNTRY.

In this agreement, Iran placed several conditions. The first condition was that Iran would have to reduce its reserves of ENRICHED uranium. Under this, Iran had to destroy 98 percent of the highly enriched uranium or send it out of the country to stop its nuclear program.

According to the second condition, uranium was allowed to be further increased to 3.67 percent only, so that it can be used only in power products or other needs. Let us tell you that for making nuclear weapons, enrichment of uranium is more than 90 percent, ie high enrichment is necessary, otherwise, nuclear weapons cannot be made from it.

The third condition was that Iran would reduce the number of total centrifuges by two-thirds. Under this, it was agreed to have about 6 thousand centrifuges whereas Iran had a total of 19 thousand centrifuges before the deal. The centrifuge is a type of machine with which uranium is cultured.
(Point to be noted other countries have more than 90 percent Uranium but still, people have a threat from Iran having 3.67 percent uranium)

A large amount of highly enriched uranium is required for the manufacture of nuclear weapons and the enrichment of uranium required to make weapons from 5-6 thousand centrifuges takes a very long time. At a time when most countries of the world are running nuclear programs, then it is not justice to stop only Iran.

In fact, when a country is running a nuclear program in a peaceful manner, the world community has no objection and Iran too continues to declare its nuclear program as peaceful, but due to the apprehensions that the powerful countries of the world have, the situation of this nuclear deal Was born.

The fourth important condition was that the International ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY i.e. the IAEA could inspect Iran’s sites at any time where Iran has been carrying out its nuclear program. The agreement imposed a five-year ban on the purchase of weapons on Iran and up to eight years on missiles. The deal is known as JOINT COMPREHENSIVE PLAN OF ACTION ie JCPOA or Common Comprehensive Action Plan. However, Iran went eased confessed to all the terms of this agreement, oil which Iran in return and gas business, financial transactions and so on.

What is NPT?

Let us tell you that NPT or Non-Proliferation Treaty is a type of treaty that limits the spread of nuclear weapons. It is also called the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty The signing of the treaty began in 1968, while it came into effect in 1970. Its purpose is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons worldwide, as well as to ban nuclear testing. (Point to be noted its purpose, Except the father countries)

Accordingly, no country can collect large quantities of nuclear weapons for military purposes. Yes, enrichment of nuclear energy is allowed for energy needs in a peaceful manner. However, to do this also, international ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY ie IAEA monitoring has to be agreed. Let us also tell you that at present, there are 190 member countries of NPT and India has not yet given its consent.

What is America’s reasoning behind the Iran nuclear deal?

Significantly, this decision of US President Trump should not be surprising. Ever since he took over as US President, he was questioning this nuclear deal. Trump believes that Iran is collecting stolen nuclear weapons. Donald Trump has been calling this a very liberal and devastating compromise. Donald also objected to the SUNSET CLAUSE of the deal stating that Iran could start some part of the nuclear program from 2025 onwards.

Apart from this, there are many conditions that are going to end after 10, 15 or 25 years. Also, the treaty does not mention Iran’s ballistic missile program nor its foreign policy in the Middle East. These are the aspects that Israel and Saudi Arabia object to, including the United States. However, the International ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY, ie the IAEA, has recently made it clear that Iran is not carrying out any activity that concerns the world community need. However, despite the IAEA’s assurances, the US move is shocking in many ways.

So, two things are coming out of this attitude of Trump. The first is that this initiative of the US is part of a strategy to increase tension in the international community, in which the US wants to exert pressure on its hostile countries like Iran and Russia and China. However, Russia and China have slammed America’s strategies by talking about staying in the deal. Secondly, Trump’s strategy has been to reverse the decisions taken by former President Obama while assuming responsibility for the presidency. So, his decision to pull out of the Iran deal also seems to be the next step in this strategy. Trump has previously broken the Climate Change Agreement and the Pacific-Region Trade Agreement at the Paris Conference. It is believed that Trump of the Republican Party has made up his mind to reverse all the decisions that Obama of the Democratic Party had taken.

What will happen to India if the deal gets out of the US?

Indeed, this latest development will affect both India’s economic and diplomatic interests. Both the United States and Iran are large trading partner countries of India. As far as Iran is concerned, it is India’s third major crude oil supplier country. Of course, importing oil for India will be difficult and expensive.

The current Indian government making a profit for the last four years by getting cheaper high-quality crude oil from Iran, but it seems that now India should be ready for inflation after America’s behavior.

In addition, India has entered into an agreement for the development of the Chabahar port to ensure its access to Afghanistan, and India is also keen on the International North-South Transit Corridor to reach the markets of Central Asia and Russia. But now all these plans of India are clouded with apprehensions.
If the Chabahar port comes to a standstill, it is also possible that Iran and China will grow closer, as Iran would like to use Pakistan’s Gwadar port, which is just 80 km from Chabahar. Iran is very important to India from a geo-strategic point of view, so there is a possibility that India will maintain its relationship with Iran.

This move by President Trump has put a cloud of uncertainty on international politics. Indeed, many challenges have arisen in front of the international community. The first and biggest challenge is that this decision of the US is like inviting factionalism in the international community. While Israel and Saudi Arabia are supporting this move of America, on the other hand, America and its allies, including Britain and France, China and Russia are opposing(against) this move of America. The apprehension has become strong that if America’s attitude is not softened and if America continues to ignore the interest of the international community in the same way, then it can result in a world war. At the same time, uncertainty has arisen over the proposed meeting of US President Donald Trump and North Korea President Kim Jong in the coming June, which could also shock international peace hopes. While Russia and China are seen standing with Iran, Iran has also been openly helping Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad and Israel and America have been opposing this initiative of Iran. Talk of Iran and Saudi Arabia. The relationship between the two has already deteriorated.

In addition, Iran has also been supporting Palestine Muslim(Who slaughter by Israel), Lebanese Muslims. Therefore, along with increasing tension in Middle-East Asia, there is a possibility of increasing tension in international countries. If we talk about the economic situation, the problem is going to arise on this issue also. On one hand, all the countries that buy crude oil from Iran will be affected, on the other hand, the interest of various foreign companies doing business on the other side will also be affected. In fact, companies in Russia, China, France, Britain, and Germany involved in this deal have also invested in Iran and if the US imposes economic sanctions on Iran then all these businesses will be closed and as a result, these companies will have to bear the loss. , This is why other countries involved in this deal want to remain in the deal. Now the question is what will be India’s stand-in this changed situation. Indeed, India is the originator of the Non-Aligned Movement and hence it has always been in favor of non-alignment. In such a situation, there is every possibility that India will stay away from factionalism. As we have already told you that both the United States and Iran are large trading partner countries of India. Not only this, but India also has good diplomatic relations with both America and Iran. In such a situation, India needs to keep a balance with America and Iran, while showing its mature diplomacy. If India cannot balance, then India may have to suffer financially and geopolitically. At a time when India is on its way to becoming a superpower, then there is a need for India to take such an initiative to end this conflict that emerged on the international stage. If India can do anything better through its mediation, then it will surely be able to iron out its diplomatic maturity and also write a new text on the international table. Then it will surely be able to iron out its diplomatic maturity and also write a new text on the international table.

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