ISRO launches Cartosat-3, Know More About It In Detail

cartosat 3 satellite

ISRO tweeted from its official Twitter handle saying that the countdown to launch Cartosat-3 begins. Below you can see the tweet by ISRO

Cartosat 3 Launch

Cartosat 3 will launch on November 27, 2019.

Cartosat 3 Launch Date and Time

The launch is scheduled at 09:28 AM (Morning) on November 27, 2019, rest date and time are subject to weather conditions.

Cartosat 3 Satellite

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Cartosat-3 will be launched in Sriharikota on November 27 morning at 9.28 minutes. The PSLV-C47 rocket has also been designed to leave it in space. Along with Cartosat-3, 13 small US satellites will also be sent into space. This will be the ninth satellite of the Cartosat series. For this, ISRO has tweeted from its official Twitter handle that the countdown to launch Cartosat-3 begins. Below you can see the tweet by ISRO.

Cartosat 3 Isro / Cartosat 3 Satellite Resolution

It is a third generation fast advance satellite with the ability to take high-resolution photos. It is being said that its camera is so powerful that it can take a picture of the earth from space to a height of less than 1 ie 9.84 inches. If it is compared to the satellite of other countries, before this, the GeoI-1 satellite of Digital Globe, a private space company of America, was able to take photos up to a height of 16.14 inches.

Cartosat 3 Orbit

The CartoSAT-3 will be placed at 97.5 degrees in orbit at 509 km altitude. Its weight is 1625 kg. It will address the growing demands of the people on large scale urban planning, rural resources, infrastructure development. According to ISRO, the PSLV-C47 rocket is the 21st flight of the PSLV with XL configuration. The mission life of CartoSAT-3 is five years.

Cartosat 3 Uses / Cartosat 3 Satellite Work

CartoSAT-3 is an Earth-observation satellite that includes Resourcesat and RISAT series, Oceansat series among others. These satellites will help in creating user friendly data. Talking about Resourcesat and RISAT series satellite, it will provide the data and photos required for land and water resources applications. At the same time, if you talk about Oceansat series, it will provide data related to the ocean.

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