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Looking at the introduction on Google Play, you will easily ignore Kingdom: New Land is unrealistic when you see pixel graphics and the game is so expensive. However, how many loyal fans draw from this strategy game?

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Overview information

Name Kingdom: New Lands
Package nl.noio.kingdom
Publisher Raw Fury
Category Strategy
Version 1.3.3 (Latest)
Size 65M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requires Android 5.0

Introduction about Kingdom: New Land

If you are a fan of the strategy game, you cannot miss the series of Kingdom of Raw Rory. Hoping to grow the genre further, this publisher developed the next version of Kingdom to Crown, a game called Kingdom: New Lands Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). It has a classic tower defense gameplay, where you build your own empire and protect it from enemy invasion.


Kingdom: The New Land tells the story of remote islands, which only exist in legends. Those islands are full of mystery waiting for brave people to come and explore. As one of the first people to come to foreign lands, you build a kingdom and try to develop it. And to do this, you need your army, use their power to expand the area. But it is not easy to establish this journey when there was damage everywhere. The harsh environment and countless obstacles are also challenges that prevent you from creating a prosperous state.


Similar to a 2D platform game, in Kingdom: New Lands the player controls a king (or queen). The ultimate goal that players need to perform is to build a kingdom, recruit troops, and establish their empire by building palaces. First of all, you have to create some areas to attract people to live and work in your state.

However, things will not happen so easily. Demons usually work at night. They want to destroy your kingdom and deprive your crown.

Probably the hardest thing about playing Kingdom: New Land is that the game has no instructions. This makes it easier for new players to get lost or not. Even those who have played it many times easily make mistakes and have to rebuild the state from the dust.

To build a palace, players require a lot of gold coins. However, the game does not have an active mechanism to create them. This makes it difficult to purchase, upgrade, manufacture or weaponize units. Players have only two unique ways to make gold money, which is hunting wild animals or trading with traders.

What’s new in the second edition of the Kingdom series?

Unlike its predecessor, the state: New Land has more levels. There are six different islands in this version, which give you new experiences rather than being stuck on one island. In addition, each island has many unique buildings and new pets, which bring more challenges for you.

Also, although the game only has 2D pixel graphics, weather effects are of considerable interest to the publisher. Not only does it bring new visual experiences, but the weather also affects trade and trade between the islands. Try to store resources before winter arrives. Because at that time, economic activities were impossible to conduct due to icy water and heavy snowfall.


It can be said that the Designing Kingdom: New Land is both an attraction and a weakness in the style of pixel graphics. In an era of technology development as of today, players often focus on games with beautiful 3D graphics. But if you are interested in the content of the game or are somewhat indifferent, then this game is perfect for you.

Viewed from a more positive perspective, you can see, the developer is also very attentive to the Kingdom: New Lands. All descriptions have been very carefully and effectively imitated. When participating in this game, you will be immersed in a beautiful world, quiet but sometimes very intense and stressful.

About Kingdom: New Land MOD APK latest version

MOD feature

Unlimited Money.


Kingdom: New Land has unique gameplay, depth, and strategic. To play this game well, players need to spend time learning from every little thing, such as how to build the functions, advantages, and disadvantages of each army. So that you can make the right decision. I think the game is suitable for many players from casual to hardcore.

Download State: New Land MOD APK

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