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In this mod APK version of Legend of Solgard you will have unlimited energy to fight to prevent the end of all worlds. Just click download and you are done.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. About Legend of Solgard
    1. Plot
    2. Gameplay
    3. Special creatures
  3. MOD APK version of Legend of Solgard
    1. MOD Feature
    2. How to install / update
  4. Download Legend of Solgard MOD APK for Android

Overview information

Name Legend of Solgard
Package com.king.solgard
Category Strategy
Version 2.13.4 (Latest)
Size 98M
MOD Features Unlimited Energy
Requires Android 4.4

Legend about Solgard

In addition to the match-3 puzzle game, publisher Raja also knows how to make an exciting RPG game that players will love. After releasing the Diamond Diaries Saga for a while, he continued to hit the market with his latest game Legend of Solgard. Although the game is an RPG, it still has many elements of strategy games such as team building, turn-based attacks, …


The story of the legend of Solgard is similar to the Nordic legends. Soulguard is a beautiful land where gods and special creatures live happily together. But one day, the day of Ragnarok doomsday prediction begins. As winter draws to a close, the ice gates are populated with mysterious monsters, freezing Solgard’s creatures permanently. Ambala is the only one who can prevent this from happening, she is a female warrior with the power of The Sun Godness and a friend of forest creatures. After watching everything, he assembled an army of animals of special strength, taking part in a battle to save Soulguard from the harsh winter and bring Pride back to the land.


The gameplay of Legend of Solgard is simple. You and the enemy guard the opposite land, the central land will be the main arena. It is a turn-based game, which means that you will only attack when it is your turn, this game allows you to move three times. The main objective of this game is to break the ice walls of the enemies, but first of all, you have to destroy the monsters protecting the ice wall in front. In the meantime, don’t forget to protect your squad against enemy attacks. If your HP is zero, demons will flood your land and kill everyone, so you are not allowed to lose. Every battle, shape, and obstacle on the battlefield will change, forcing you to think and re-adjust your strategy. To attack an enemy, you must arrange three creatures of the same color in a straight line and then they will attack and deal with the damage displayed on the screen. There are many ways for you to combine your creatures into something stronger, for example, when you organize four beings of the same color into a square, they will turn into a giant creature with tremendous power. Also, you can arrange some other shapes like T-shape, L-shape, plus size, etc. Also, the way you’ve defended, you raise a defensive point horizontally to prevent enemy damage to three creatures of the same color. You must arrange not only one but multiple layers of defense as they can assist each other and absorb damage, allowing your team animals to heal.

Special Creatures

Special creatures play an important role in The Legend of Solgard because without them Ambala would not be able to fight against other winter monsters alone. In the League of Legends, the Creature System closely resembles the Champion System, each creature has its own story and is organized by many factors such as color, breed, strength, and rarity. The four colors are red, yellow, violet, and green and you can choose only one color at a time. Each creature has different roles in each game such as attack, defense, and support. Hobbling, for example, is able to throw an ax at the enemy, leaving them stunned and suffering massive damage. Their skill and power depend on race such as Warriors, Beasts, Folks, Spirits, Critters, Victims, and Whites. Another thing you need to consider is rare, a single creature, but a rare creature is more powerful and has more specialized skills. They are divided into four categories: popular, rare, epic, or mythological. After completing battles, your animal will gain experience points, and when you have enough experience points to level up, you can improve their stats. Each time you level up, you are only allowed to raise stats for one of the following: Spell Power, Mana, Barrier Strength, Sun Burst. Apart from this, using Surya Ratna is also a great way to upgrade your creatures.

MOD APK version of Legend of Solgard

MOD feature

Monster Energy

How to install / Update

If you are using the original version and want to switch to the MOD version, uninstall the old version and install the MOD version. If you are using the MOD version and want to update it to the new MOD version, download the new MOD version and install it.

Download Legend of Solgard MOD APK

The Legend of Solgard has cute graphics, many of the colors being similar to King’s previous games. I believe that the bright colors and cute characters of the game will keep you entertained after your hard work.

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