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Life is Strange MOD APK (Unlocked All) is one of the puzzle games you should try. Square Enix’s products are not only quality but also have depth in both graphics and story. After long-term success on consoles and PCs, Life Strange has officially arrived on the mobile platform and has become better than ever, as you will now easily reach anywhere in the game world.

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Overview information

Name Life is Strange
Package com.squareenix.lis
Category Adventure
Version 1.00.310 (Latest)
Size 35M
MOD Features Unlocked All
Requires Android


It’s not an accident that Life Strange has won many awards. Since the first part of the five-part game appeared on console (and later Mac) in January 2015, the Life is Strange plot received much acclaim. This is the story of a young woman named Max Coldfield (a female photographer) who discovers with her friend Chloe what happened to a girl who had disappeared from high school that Max is studying. And of course, they do so with Max’s ability to go back in time.

Critics have praised the game’s unusual decision to make two heroines instead of just one. The characters capture the attention of game players thanks to their well-made character, while the Garden State theme music perfectly mixes with the game with the right amount of sadness. And although it makes the game a bit sad (it’s not like that), Life’s story is weird, it refers to many social issues such as school addiction, suicide, and unemployment.

The story of the iOS / Android version is similar to the Mac version. At the beginning of the game, Max Cofield sat in a photography class at Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay, Oregon. After failing to answer the teacher’s question, touch the screen to maximize toward the toilet, then touch to see the poster or interact with other characters and objects along the way, and look around Drag left and right to. In the toilet, Max accidentally shot a girl. This terrifying moment brings Max back in time and helps you become familiar with the game’s special system.


When you don’t like the story, you can reverse the time and try again. And that’s where Max’s journey to change history began. However, as we all know, when watching movies on time travel, while changing the past, the future also changes. Life in Strange, each of your decisions is a matter of life and death of the characters.


As a mobile game, Life Strange is still trying to have the same interface as the PC / console version. The game’s graphics background is carefully constructed, not inferior to the original PC version. The game also adjusts some factors to help optimize the game and give players the most comfortable experience.

Ready for travel time?

Apart from the story and great gameplay, you will find many other interesting things in the game. It has many details related to popular culture and literary works, which you will find interesting to know. Yes, Max’s family in Rye belongs to Catcher, being purposeful. And let’s see if you can find the number of plates related to the Breaking Bad series, the paper writes Winter Corning or a quote from Jaws. Stop all your plans. You won’t want to miss a moment in the city of Arcadia Bay.

Life Strange is now available on Google Play and the App Store. You can download the game through the link below.

Download Life is Weird MOD APK

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