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After much success in China, the English version of The Day After Tomorrow has been officially released by NetEase after LifeApp. It can be considered the most live game in 2019 with a zombie reference. The game currently features familiar gameplay and quality graphics with many of the top PC games. The game allows you to download and play completely free on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Survive after the apocalypse
  3. Create your character
  4. Face the zombie alone, survive together
  5. High-quality graphics
  6. Download LifeAfter APK for Android

Overview information

Name LifeAfter
Package com.netease.mrzhna
Publisher NetEase
Category Survival
Version 1.0.175 (Latest)
Size 4G
MOD Features No
Requires Android 4.0

survive after the apocalypse

There are not many differences in terms of LifeAfter compared to other zombie games like Last Day on Earth. A virus that spreads to humans to form a zombie. Under the devastation of this epidemic, the world you know has become unfamiliar. Sickness, looting, infections, colds, and especially zombies everywhere. You are one of those lucky people who survived this disaster, look for things that can be used from landfills, forests and can be made weapons for self-defense. Look for the survivors and fight the zombies together.

Create Your Character

You start the game on the barrel of a truck with three friends, including two people and a dog. The zombies are constantly attacking, causing the car to lose control, crash, and explode. Two friends died, only you and the dog survived. Then you meet a person named Alexei. He will be the one who guides you on the things you need to survive in this zombie world.

Before starting that scene, you will be included in the character creator interface. In my opinion, it is much more elaborate than the current survival game. A very interesting feature for many gamers is that LifeAfter offers a dog that has been involved with players from the beginning, including Black-back, Doberman, and Labrador. They are reliable friends in sports.

Entering the game, the player’s task begins with the most basic steps. Parallel to that life, gamers will then step into this world step by step in order to survive by crafting, taking content, and building. Not only do you have to face blood pipes and cruel monsters, but you also have to face the cold when night falls. The game that the iPad provides you can provide you with important information like temperature, health, time, map…

Face the zombie alone, survive together

Although it is an online game, you have to accept that LifeAfter is more oriented to an offline game. In return, the game also offers gamers co-op mode with friends. In addition, LifeAfter also created a city called Hope 101, where you can meet all other players, similar to the hall of an MMORPG game. There, you can get a little rest and find friends with whom you can talk during the game.

With games like LifeAfter in general, the higher level you are, you will need to upgrade the building while increasing your resources. Therefore, it is very important to put a lot of effort into LifeAfter. So, if you are a gamer looking for a game that requires exploration, effort-hardening, then focus on the plot element, this game is a great option.

Right in the tutorial screen, the Zombies/Monsters in LifeAfter are quite strong. Therefore you need to take great care and experience the game critically to overcome the given challenges. Currently, LifeAfter is quickly becoming a proposition game for many gamers.

High-Quality Graphics

I must say that LifeAfter’s graphics are extremely impressive compared to a game for smartphones and tablets. It is also comparable to top PC games at this time. Although the world is full of danger in this game, the scenes are still very beautiful and romantic (except at night). If I am not busy with zombies, I can turn this place into one of the top campsites in the world.

Download LifeAfter MOD APK

Although the gameplay is not new, LifeAfter is still impressive as it is the first time on mobile when a survival game has been made according to PC game standards. It is better than similar game titles like Rust, H1Z1, or Last Day on Earth. If you have anything to share about this game, leave a comment below the article.

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