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Download Magic Brick Wars today to join the fun fight between Viking, Ninja, Pirates, and many other warriors. Here is some information about the game and its MOD version. You can read the game before downloading it to your phone.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce Magic Brick Wars
    1. Gameplay
    2. Defensive or offensive?
    3. Explore mines
    4. PvP Arena
    5. Graphics
  3. About Magic Brick Wars MOD APK version
  4. Download Magic Brick Wars MOD APK for Android

Overview information

Name Magic Brick Wars
Package com.halfbrick.brickwars
Publisher Halfbrick Studios
Category Strategy
Version 1.0.73 (Latest)
Size 111M
MOD Features No
Requires Android 4.1

Introduction to Magic Brick Wars


From the developer of the classic game Strategy Game – Jetpack Joyride inherits all the fun cartoon elements. However, this time you will need to churn a bit more for the action phase.

That’s right, Magic Brick Wars will challenge your tactical thinking instead of controlling that fun jet. In fact, the game inherits some familiar elements of action, tactics and adds new but equally bizarre ideas for you to consider.

When you are on the battlefield, you will see a blue myna bar (energy) at the bottom of the screen. If you want to attack the enemy base, you will need to use this myna to release the soldiers attacking the playing field. Each player has 5 hearts. If you lose all, your fort is destroyed and you are a loser.

Defensive or offensive?

Magic Brick Wars¬†has the same gameplay as Tower Defense Games. The gameplay is very simple and easy to understand. You just need to summon the warriors in your deck, place them in the position you want and they will automatically move. If your warrior defeated all enemies in a straight line, destroying the opponent’s walls, he would have a chance to attack the enemy base.

Simple but by no means easy. There are many things in the game that make you consider it. Will you constantly send weak, low-value soldiers to the battlefield? Or do you want to wait leisurely and leave a bunch of soldiers with more strength to fight? Combining troops is also important, so your success will depend on how you enter the opponent’s defense. Therefore, we cannot help mentioning magical magic bricks (named after the game).

When allowed by a different timer, you can place bricks of different sizes to protect yourself. Each of these bricks has a special block of bricks. When attacked, this particular block will explode, freeze, or poison the enemy. There is one more thing for you to think about, right? If you do not like the shape of the block, you can change the random shape by touching the reverse arrow key below. / />

Explore Mines

While playing this game you not only fight each other in battle. Click on the Mine tab to explore the dark cave and find the energy-boosting objects inside by breaking rocks. Everything you find in this exciting little destination, along with loot from battles, contribute to the diversity and strength of your army. Apart from this, you can also conquer daily and weekly challenges. So you can play freely and not get bored.

PvP Arena

Of course. If such an engaging strategy game that only allows you to play with AI, it is very boring. PvP mode allows you to face many other online players. It is the playground for those who have the best strategy. Fight for glory, and try to dominate the leaderboard.


Apart from the interesting gameplay, Magic Brick Wars also features attractive cartoon-style graphics, factors that have made Jetpack Joyride a successful game. There is no need for realistic 3D graphics, the game uses only 2D graphics in the classical style. It makes you feel indifferent as if you are playing the classic tower defense game.

About Magic Brick War MOD APK Version

We are trying to update the MOD version as soon as possible.

Download Magic Brick War MOD APK

It is clear that the developer of Halfbrick, Australia, has been extremely busy since the launch of his debut work. Although not less fun and easier than the previous work of this studio, Magic Brick Wars is not the only one. You will soon have many unique experiences and realize that this is an intensive strategy, which helps players to explore independently in the long run.

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