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Man Vs. Missile (MOD Unlimited Money) is the best proof of the fact that, for a long time, games that are simple, no plot, bad graphics, still have loads of downloads on Google Play or the App Store. These types of games are very addictive and addictive.


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This unique game has been released by Spiel Studio, which allows players to download and play for free on both iOS and Android platforms. Download Man Vs. Missile on your device to enjoy this standalone and funny game.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. How to play Man Vs. Missiles?
  3. Upgrade & unlock new planes
  4. What makes me unhappy
  5. My thought
  6. Download

Overview information

NameMan Vs. Mis 

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PublisherSpiel Studios
Version6.4 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0

How to play man vs missile?

As I said, Man Vs. There is no conspiracy of missiles. Step into the game; You are just a pilot man piloting unique aircraft flying in the sky. You don’t need to bombard, bombardment, or drop rocket doesn’t destroy the bases you need to … survive. Yes, your aircraft is within reach of other forces. Continuous-range missiles are issued, always associated with destroying your aircraft. Use your skilled flying skills to dodge all, overcome challenges, and be the ultimate survivor.

  • Try to destroy the missiles
  • Aircraft are easy to control

Missiles always fly after you; They will fly according to the trajectory you fly. Therefore, you can use this point for two enemy missiles to destroy each other. Missiles will appear anywhere. But don’t worry, whenever a rocket appears, a dark red arrow will appear on the screen to indicate the rocket. There is a trick to dodge the missile: continuously reversing will increase the distance between you and the rocket. If you fly without turning, you will quickly disappear into the blue sky.

Also, Man Vs. The missiles have two blue and light red arrows to indicate which you need to fly to collect. The blue color is the speed buff item, and the red is the safety item buff, which helps you fire the missile. There are other items that you may find at a higher level.

Man Vs. Missiles bring you attractive gameplay. You have to fulfill all the requirements of the game given in each stage to be able to pass the next stage. You must first be alive before you even think about completing the task. Man Vs. There are over 30 levels of missiles for you to play. In addition, you can compete with your friends at the sports center. Let them enjoy their flying skills and know who is the best pilot.

Upgrade and unlock new aircraft


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Upgrade your aircraft to fight all missiles

Specifically, you can collect coins and unlock planes with all kinds of designs, the function in Man Vs. Missiles. Apart from playing to earn money, advertisements also help you earn a lot of diamonds. If you are a gamer, you can use your money to buy items in the game.

In addition to aircraft that can be purchased with coins, there are higher-class aircraft specifically for VIP owners (a facility must be activated by purchasing with real money). VIP planes often have special capabilities.

Note: You can download Man vs. Missiles Mod for you to earn money quickly for infinite time, saving you time and effort. In addition, the MOD version VIP is active so that you can buy a lot of modern aircraft.

What makes me sad


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Man Vs. One very annoying thing when playing is the advertisement of missiles at the very top. First of all, advertising also helps you earn diamonds. However, some ads that end up looking at you will not get anything. I recommend disconnecting the internet to fully experience the game.

Also, I think there might be some improvement in the game. I think you can try to have a harder mode where more missiles arrive at once.

And I don’t appreciate the graphics of Man vs. Missiles. The game has simple 2D graphics, but feels fun and appeals to the player.

Visual effects and sound when aircraft are flying or two missiles are very interesting to each other. But still poor, lack of diversity.

My Idea


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Man Vs. Missiles were born for entertainment. A great game with challenging and addictive gameplay. If something is missing, it is music. But enough for what we want. And if you are looking for a simple game to entertain in your spare time, then V Vs. The missile is a name that is difficult to ignore.

Man vs Download Missile Mod APK

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