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When a cosmic cube orbits the Earth with the ability to distort reality, the best heroes in the Marvel universe act immediately. But the confrontation between Captain America and the Red Skull shattered the Cosmic Cube, shattering a series of fragments in our planet. And so a hunt begins.

Table of contents

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Overview information

NameMARVEL Battle Lines
CategoryCard, Strategy
Version2.23.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesX10 DMG, God Mode
RequiresAndroid 5.0


What has happened in Captain America above: First Avenger. The storyline of MARVEL Battle Lines is shown through the engaging comic box, playing an excellent role in making reference to this exciting card game. The plot not only leads you through hand-to-hand combat but it also briefly explains why you fought on the table with this checkered style. (The in-game grid interface is Tony Stark’s latest technology product). To attack the opponent, arrange the characters along the grid.

Campaign Mode

Ché dé Campaign (Campaign Mode) gives you a unique story in the style of comics alternating between matches. You’ll be confronted with main characters such as the infamous supernatural evil (Aborbing Man, Thanos, Cottonmouth) and even Black Panther. In return, you’ll create character cards along the table, which will activate powerful attacks – which will weaken or better kill enemies.

Favorite Superhero

You will easily immerse yourself in the harsh rhythm of this game. In addition, there are countless strategies for you to try. Although only one character can be summoned in one turn, you can use multiple action cards in a single turn – shoot Hawkeye’s arrow, launching an attack from S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicopter carriers, as well as using other special attacks to attack enemy characters. Some characters (such as Captain Marvel) have the ability to strike the enemy as soon as they hit the table.

Whether you’re facing other players who oppose the fight (PvP) or are playing in campaign mode, the win will bring you new cards and precious coins to buy more. Characters like Squirrel Girl, Carnage, Ghost Rider, Nebula are all waiting to join your side! finally

Currently, the film is the most anticipated in 2019, with Avengers: Endgame releasing worldwide. Are you an MCU or a superhero favorite? Please join the MARVEL Battle Lines to join the superheroes you love to fight and protect on Earth.

Download MARVEL Battle Lines MOD

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