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Are you a fan of the Marvel universe? Download  Marvel Contest of Champions MOD APK and participate in a fascinating fight between superheroes.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Marvel Contest of Champions
    1. Gameplay
    2. Which superhero do you like?
    3. Upgrade and unlock
    4. Tasks
    5. Graphics
  3. Features of the MOD version
    1. Install the MOD version
    2. Note when updating the MOD version
  4. Conclude
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Overview information

Name Marvel Contest of Champions
Package com.kabam.marvelbattle
Publisher Kabam Games
Category Fighting
Version 28.1.0 (Latest)
Size 73M
MOD Features Unlimited Skills, One Hit
Requires Android 4.4

Introduction to Marvel competition of champions

The Marvel competition of Champions has been consistently attracting players for years, thanks to its precise and easy-to-play control mechanism, partly thanks to its originally linked content in the Marvel universe. If Marvel is debuting a new TV series or a new movie out of theaters on Netflix, you will see the Champions Competition adding new relevant content and characters.


It is not the Avengers characters who have gathered to engage in this fierce superhero war. The MARVEL competition of champions is also a place to gather all the heroes of the Marvel universe who fight to become the most formidable warriors in the galaxy. This 1vs1 fighting game is even more epic than the film Infinity War. Here, your favorite superheroes will have the opportunity to compete with other opponents in an exciting, fast, and effortless rhythm.

Battle of the Champions Marvel Contest You won’t have to break your thumb. You don’t even need to do many complicated tricks to press all 6 buttons at the same time. Instead, all you need to do is simply push and swipe for stab, attack, block, and dodge. And yes, this fight is not without strategy. To accumulate energy for a critical attack, you can touch and hold to break the enemy’s defenses. But be careful because this process can be interrupted by a lightning-fast attack from the opponent. Attacking and taking hits will help you raise your special energy bar so that you can attack and bend the tide, or simply take down a stubborn opponent who won’t give up.

Which superhero do you like?

Want to know how Wolverine fights against Winter Soldier? Absolutely. What about Deadpool and Dr.Strange? Or Black with Black Panther? You have to choose it. Or if you prefer a more friendly style of competition, you can also answer the debate with your friends: Will Groot or Gomorrah become the most powerful protector of the Galaxy? There is no tangle of knowledge to make it difficult for you, only for you to have a very understandable story to carry out different tasks from each other. Thanks to this, you’ll be face to face with countless famous stars and many favorite characters from the Marvel universe.

The heroes are styled in an eye-catching cartoon style, and the sound of wind gusts and skill effects add to the power of each stroke. Not everything is exaggerated but still maintains a vibrant, catchy rhythm. Do not forget the tantric elements. Each hero has advantages and disadvantages when meeting different character classes, making it easier for them to counter some opponents but they are weaker when they meet their opponents. It is important that you build a balanced squad, and some characters will become stronger by fighting on the same side, giving you more chances to win.

Upgrade and unlock

You will earn crystals to upgrade the current squad and unlock new heroes. And as you build a strong squad, switch to battle in dramatic 3v3 battles with your online rivals, or even allies with other players to gain more privileges. With so many special events, limited-time adventures and epic heroes, the Competition of Champions makes you want to explore more and more. This is actually a super game of Marvel.


The introduction of the Black Panther film continues this tradition. You will see a new daily event called Trial of the King, where you can win prizes and then fight against Black Panther.

Meanwhile, the month’s task is the rise of Black Panther, which will put you in a fight against Doctor Strange and the Illuminati as they seek to gain control of the Infinity Stones).

And the game also features the new character Kilmonger, who is the villain in the film. In addition to adding Kilmonger to your team, you can also join a special Champion Challenge Quest created together with actor Michael B. Jordan, who plays Kilmonger. The Marvel competition of champions still has a series of prized prizes waiting for you. Do not miss


It looks good, but the feeling of being hit … is not funny. The graphics of the 2 million 5-star rating game are created in beautiful and interesting 3D graphics. The most prominent features are superheroes and villains. The graphics of this game will help you to create interesting emotions.

MOD version features

Unlimited Skills: Absolutely. In a role-playing game, waiting for Colddown Skills can surprise you. You want to continuously use your character’s skills to create eye-catching battles. Very simple, please use our MOD version.

One Hit: This MOD feature helps you to easily defeat opponents in offline mode.

Install MOD Version

  • First, you need to remove the version from Google Play (if available).
  • Download the Marvel Contest of Champions MOD APK from
  • Enable installation permissions from unknown sources. Install the MOD version.
  • Open the game and enjoy it.

Note when updating MOD version

You can update the MOD version without losing data only when both old and new versions are downloaded from APKMODY.


Marvel Contest of Champions is a game that you will not miss if you are a lover of superheroes in the Marvel universe. Now, you don’t have to wait for Marvel’s new movie to enjoy the eye-catching fight scenes among all the superheroes in this great game. Don’t forget to download the game via the link below the article.

Download Marvel Contest of Champions MOD APK

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