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Dark souls are wandering in the human world. Together with Kaine, the chosen heroes in ‘Masksetter Mod Apk’ (chosen guardian bonus) fight against them.

Overview information

Name ‘Masketeers’
Package com.appxplore.’Masketeers’
Publisher Appxplore (iCandy)
Category RPG
Version 1.1.7
Size 141M
MOD Features Increase Guardian Bonus
Requires Android 5.0

Introduction about ‘Masketeers’

‘Masksetter’ is a passive game. It is designed for those who like simple gameplay but still retain the role-playing game.

Thanks to input from players, the developer has created a unique game with a new context and story. ‘MaskSitters’ also achieved an all-time high, scoring 4.6 out of 5 out of a total of 18,000 ratings.


‘Masksetter’ revolves around the story of mysterious masks. In one incident, young Cain accidentally picked up a mask. When they picked him up, it clung to his face, infecting him with a powerful source of energy at the same time.

This is the energy that has attracted the attention of demons. They appeared around Cain, trying to hand Cain the mask, creating chaos throughout the city. But then, a mysterious person revealed to him the origin of this mask. You are a chosen person, destined to remove darkness and cruelty from human life.

Don’t get caught in the dark

Dropping the demons is Boss Wraith. He is trying to collect masks to improve his strength, as well as plotting to dominate the world.

The Wraith will continually assist you to overcome. You need to use your powers to fight waves of enemies, step by step preventing demons from destroying the human world.

When the ordeal begins, Kaine will use the power of swords and mysterious masks to fight evil. He will fight on his own. When the skill icon is filled, you can tap the skill to give the cine extra power and combat speed.

Get support from other heroes

The truth is, Kaine is not the only hero to have a mysterious mask. There are many others, and when Cine goes through some special stages, they will appear.

Pixel was the first proponent of Cain. His catchphrase is: “Let’s play, but be good!”. Pixie’s façade has endowed her with a sense of humor, reinforcing her compassionate nature into a shield that can save people from evil rage.

Next is Corso. A warrior goddess holding Veena in her hand. His mask was left by his dead father. She is always in the hope of making the world more beautiful through her tune, turning despair into an extreme of hope. Koro has very strong internal power when he can restore health to all allies and attack a group of enemies with lightning sparks.

Also, there are many other characters. They complete the special progression of the game with cine.

Face The Bosses

‘Masksetter’ has brought you a lot of villains from the dark world. Each time you pass a few waves from the enemy, you have to face a demon species leader.

Bosses are of remarkable power. Your team of heroes will probably take a lot of effort and time to defeat him. However, until you reach level 8, bosses should not worry. At that moment, the Guardian is open. It is a collection of four great summoning animals: Phoenix (power), Tortoise (wealth), Dragon (Vigor), Tiger (fate). They bring an extremely powerful source of energy to all members of the group.

Phoenix First Guardian appears. Right from the first level, your party gets 2500% more attack power. Next is the tortoise, which has 2500% defense. Hypnotized animals can be unlocked and upgraded.

Skills and Support

characters can be upgraded. However, they use the money to buy experience, not to compete.

As the character’s level, they gain skill points. This point is used for skill upgrades. You will have to upgrade them regularly, as your skills develop one after the other. You cannot unlock Pixe’s Moose Momentum without learning special delivery.

Also, ‘Masksetter’ is added to the runway feature. During a fight or on a mission, you have a chance to get the legendary stone. They come in three sizes: square, round and triangle. Each related type can be mosaiced into the character’s costume to add additional features. In general, rocks do not bring as many properties as four-called animals. But when you play at a higher level, this feature gives you a lot of advantages.

Version Of MOD APK ‘Masketeers’

MOD feature

Increased Parent Bonus: After unlocking the Guardian, the effect you get will increase manifold.

Download ‘Masketeers’ MOD APK

‘Masketeers’ is my favorite sport every time I have some free time. It has simple gameplay, but seriously developed features and carefully designed graphics with lots of eye-catching effects. Chances are, you’ll like it too. Now, please download the MOD version and start a war with dark spirits.

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