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Monster Legends Mod Apk (All’s Win) – An amazing simulation game of social point, will be a suitable choice and satisfy you.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. About Monster Legends
    1. Monster Legends really developed more than Dragon City?
    2. Graphics
    3. Gameplay
    4. Community
  3. MOD APK version of Monster Legends
    1. MOD Features
    2. Note
  4. Download Monster Legends MOD APK for Android

Overview information

NameMonster Legends
PublisherSocial Point
Version10.5 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesAlways Win
RequiresAndroid 4.1

About Monster Legends

Launching Android version on June 12, 2014, it’s not really a new game if anyone ever knew Dragon City – the game is very popular on Facebook, with Monster Legends being its successor. Both are simulation style, you have to do many tasks like building houses, raising monsters, and using them strategically in PvP combat.

Each monster has its own elements, stats, skills, and experience points of different levels. So they can serve many strategies that you have created. In particular, every monster has the ability to make itself (in the abode of the monster) in gold, giving you additional income to build and upgrade.

Did Demon Legends really evolve more than Dragon City?

In fact, unlike Dragon City, Monster Legends is actually more developed, though still based on common platforms. The first is the number of monsters, more than 500 different monsters and can promote with many rare elements to discover new species. Monsters also have more skills and depend on each element. Battle of 3vs3 instead of 1vs1 of Dragon City will enhance your strategy so that you can fight in your own way. Apart from this, there are many features and modes that are waiting for you to search.


Most games today have eye-catching 3D graphics, but Monster Legends only has 2D graphics. Simple but it does not mean bad. In my opinion, the 2D graphics are also not very impressive for the game. On the contrary, it gives an ancient, untouched style to demons, and they are designed to be diverse, meticulous, and very personal.


Players will continuously change monsters for each battle to discover the most powerful monsters. Fighting and promoting animal stats while you are fighting. Each type of monster has its own element and skill, requiring players to hold the correct time to finish the opponent.


  • RPG: Level up your demons, use their cells in the lab to break their limit. Equip them with runs and relics to upgrade their skills.
  • Battle Monsters: Strategize and set up monster teams to attack and support in your own way. Then, take them to battle through adventure maps and events to get many exciting rewards.
  • Team Wars: Join the Epic Team War and earn rare and exclusive monsters.
  • Expanding, Collecting, and Creating Monster Paradise: You have over 500 monsters to collect and breed new creatures and elements. Build a house for monsters on many wonderful islands with room to inhabit, farm, and breed.
  • When you are leveling, you will know Dungeons, Library, Monster Lab, Smithy and Temple… and more…
  • In addition, there are many interesting events such as Halloween, Christmas… to increase diversity and manifest in more interesting activities.


With these features, it would be very easy to build a community on the game. With hundreds of millions of players worldwide, as you experience the game, you will meet many “battle leaders” with great professional strategy, talent, and effective teaming.

You will discuss with your teammates the best strategy to win in team-wise and find the best allies. Build the largest clan in the world.

APK version of MOD legends

In Adventure Map, there are several steps that make you difficult. You need a strong team, but for this, you have to play for a long time.

MOD features

  • Always win: The game will force you to win every match (3 stars), even if you fail. After that, you can get the prize and spin lucky spin.


Remember that the MOD version only works in Adventure Map mode.

Download Monster Legends MOD APK

Through the above article, I really think that you should experience this game once. Actually, the more you play Monster Legends, the more interesting things you compare with the first stage.

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