Most Expensive Phones in the World

Most Expensive Phones in the World

The companies that sell expensive smartphones in the world endeavor hard on their technologies but it is observed that other ways along with the moderate technology can contribute to the launching of the most expensive Smartphone in the world.

Smartphone has made all of us dependable on it to such extents that we can’t imagine a single day without it. The Smartphone manufacturing industries are trying their best to give life to the aspirations of a Smartphone user and with time, they keep launching some new features in the market that mesmerizes the user. The thirst for getting new can never be quenched. But the new innovation and technologies add to the cost of the Smartphone. Technology decides the cost of the Smartphone in the market.

The Smartphone giant iPhone experimented to make the world’s costliest phone and its two models

iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker Advanced and iPhone 3G Kings Button are in the market that is the most costly smartphone in the world.

Top expensive smartphone in the world

  • iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker Advanced
  • iPhone 3G Kings Button

iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker Advanced

The cost of the iPhone 3GS is £1,920,000.00, approximately around 17, 65, 08, 436.26 INR.

It is the costliest phone available in the market all over the world. It took around 10 months in its making. The casing of the phone was made from 271 grams of 22ct solid gold. The front bezel is embellished with 136 flawless diamonds F, which totals up to a massive 68 cts. The logo on the solid gold rear side is furnished with 53 flawless diamonds that amount to 1 ct and the front navigation button is featured with a rare single cut diamond at 7.1 CTS. The chest that locates the handset is made up of a single block of the granite, in Kashmir gold and the inner linings are made from the Nubuck top grain leather which around 7 kg.

The handset is featured with 32 GB internal storage and it is unlocked for use across the globe. The phone can be updated to a new firmware when it is available. iPhone 3G Kings Button

This phone is available for $2.5 million dollars that is roughly around 17, 71,26,250.00. This is a high budget unfriendly phone that is created from the 18-carat yellow gold, rose gold and white gold and the white gold line is embellished with a total of 138 brilliant-cut diamonds. The new iPhone 3G King’s button integrated into the phone replaces the older phone’s standard plastic button by a 6.6-carat diamond. This present activity made the current iPhone model outshines the $1.3 million cryptos Smartphone.

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