Download My Cafe Mod Apk Unlimited Coins And Diamonds

My Cafe MOD APK Unlimited Money is the most interesting restaurant simulation game you’ve ever known. If you ignore this article you will soon regret it.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about My Cafe
    1. The best cafe simulation game
    2. Grow and expand to get more customers!
    3. Train your staff
    4. Set up business strategy
    5. Share stories with customers
  3. MOD APK version of My Cafe
    1. MOD feature
    2. How to install the MOD version
  4. Download My Cafe MOD APK for Android

Overview information

NameMy Cafe
PublisherMelsoft Games
Version2020.8.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Introduction about My Cafe

Running a cafe of our own is a desire that many of us have. This dream is someday, second to the desire to write a novel. But instead of quitting your job and investing a huge amount immediately to buy a coffee maker and billions of other things, go to My Cafe to see if you have the talent of a cafe owner.

Best cafe simulation game

In this game, you will own a stylish cafe, but be prepared, it is not easy. You will experience all the difficulties that a real-life cafe owns (but you can consider it as a free lesson).

My Cafe allows you to do everything you want: get your internal design capability and build a beautiful cafe, then play the role of owner and decide the price, menu, which you should rent, and How employees should be trained.

This fun will really start when it comes to deciding on the recipe for your drink. You can make different types of coffee and tea. They look so appealing that you will regret it because the technology of this game does not allow you to really taste them. All have to rely on the taste of virtual guests in advance. So, you need to communicate more with them. The purpose is not just to know how they feel but also to understand what they want. If you do this, your cafe will soon prosper!

You might not know, Moe Girl Cafe 2 is also a very fun cafe management game.

Go ahead and expand to get more customers!

Initially, you only had a small coffee shop with a few sets of tables and chairs! If you have a good business strategy, the number of customers will increase soon and you need to expand your cafe to provide the best service to the customers.

My Cafe is built in great detail and you can find the equipment you need to make more drinks and food. However, you must work hard, serve customers, and communicate with them to gain experience points. Mostly, appliances such as automatic coffee makers, pastry counters, vending machines, and furnishings are unlocked only when you meet the level requirements.

Train your employees

The quality of your restaurant depends largely on the staff. If he is slow to serve, he has not communicated well or has no experience preparing drinks, teach him. This process can take some time and money, but in return, you will have more customers and more profit.

On the other hand, if you work in the service industry, the ability to communicate should also improve. Pleasing customers is the factor they decide to come here again.

Set Business Strategy

Profit is a factor that a businessman takes care of. However, when you do not have a reputation and the popularity is not widespread, you should do something to improve it.

How about the price reduction of products compared to other coffee shops? Slightly lower but still maintaining good quality. This is great because I have experienced and met customers who complain that a glass of Americano for 2.33 is too expensive. He refuses and leaves a disgruntled spirit.

Creating a product combo to reduce prices and promote is also a good idea. This not only helps you sell more products, increase sales, but customers are happy to buy what they want at a better price.

Also, you should recreate the location to make them more beautiful and convenient. For example, installing air conditioners, televisions, buying bonsai pots, flower pots, and replacing old window blinds!

Share stories with customers

The most important is that you will hear a lot of stories. Remember you ran a humanitarian business? Your customers come from all walks of life, so they will have compelling stories to share. You will interact with everyone and who knows where it will take you. What about a poetic romantic passage? This is very good!

Certainly serving in a cafe is not a boring job. When you or your employees smile and greet someone, they will respond in the same way. You can create a strategy to take more care of your customers. They will miss this restaurant very much due to its hospitality, thoughtfulness and great tastes!

MOD APK version of My Cafe

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You can buy all items for free while using the MOD version. The money will not decrease when you buy it. However, the MOD version only works for items sold with coins. And you need to reach the level required to purchase items in the store.

How to install MOD version

Because my Cafe MOD version includes OBB files, you need a few extra steps to successfully install this game. In particular:

  1. If you have installed it from Google Play then uninstall the original version.
  2. Download APK and OBB files through the link below the article.
  3. Opening the file
  4. Copy folder com.melesta.coffeeshop Android / OBB.
  5. Install the APK file.
Download My Cafe MOD APK

If you have a cafe in real life, you would love to visit your friends, wouldn’t you? My Cafe is the same! You can invite friends or visit their other stores. And with this multiplayer feature, you will be able to compete with them too. A lot of work, isn’t it? That’s right, a little less than the owner of an actual coffee shop. Now, welcome your first guest!

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