Download Ninja Creed: 3D Sniper Mod Apk

Creed of Ninja: 3D Sniper Shooting Assassin Game – A first-person action role-playing game with beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay. In the cult of ninja, you will transform into a ninja man whose mission is to destroy criminal gangs, supreme leaders, and many other dark forces. Complete quests to become the invisible protectors of the city. Creed of Ninja is released by 707 Interactive: Fun Epic Casual Games.

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Ninja’s Creed

NameNinja’s Creed 3D Sniper Shooting Assassin
Publisher707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
Size 130 MB
Get it onAndroid 7.0 and up
Mod featureUnlimited Money

Creed of Ninja: 3D sniper shooting killer game – Focuses on quality first-person action and stealth gameplay with cool three-dimensional graphics. Creed of Ninja is a fun free 3D sniper killing game with a variety of killing weapons. You will feel real powerful shooting experience and top amazing 3D graphics. It is the # 1 shooter that combines elements of Assassin Ninja in 2020. Lock the target and eliminate the villain with an arrow, the invisible guardian of the city! Become a hero, you are a skilled shooter.

Be the invisible guard of the city

Ninja’s Creed 3D Sniper Mod Apk

In the role of the invisible ninja, the player will perform several missions related to the elimination of various objects. Representatives of criminal gangs and criminal bosses will be involved here as opponents. You need to conceal your identity, secretly eliminate criminal gangs, disrupt underground transactions or assassinate the supreme leaders of criminal forces, be the kings of each region. Destroy Enemies Here shots from a bow or crossbow will be used with swords or other weapons. Overcoming levels should go unnoticed, as the enemy will always trump the main character number.

How to play

Ninja’s Creed 3D Sniper Mod Apk

Track targets disrupt underground deals and complete assassination campaigns. Use the Eagle Eye to lock the target. Help the organization to eliminate enemies and gain its reward. Aim and shoot, eliminate criminal leaders, and eliminate evil in the city. Rules, protect citizens and receive the taxes you are entitled to. Claim rewards, buy powerful weapons. Unlock the talent system, increase skill. Many powerful weapons are available for use, such as bows and arrows, double crossbows, a hidden weapon, etc., building your arsenal. Use your weapons properly and upgrade them, finishing bosses like an archer! Choosing the right weapon in different missions will help you complete the mission faster.


Ninja’s Creed 3D Sniper Mod Apk

The development team perfectly combined many elements such as ninja assassin, action shooting, and gave birth to this unique action archer killing game named cult of ninja, you can call it to bow game, arrow game, killer game, 3d Can say shooting game. Or cool FPS action game, both are fine. It is easy to play using the new Arrow Declaration Special Effect Technology, which gives you a different shooting experience every time you shoot. Creed of Ninja is definitely the first person bow and arrow action game you’d expect. As a ninja shooter, you not only need shooting skills but also powerful weapons to improve your strength.

Download Ninja Creed 3D Sniper Mod Apk

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