Nirbhaya case: Patiala House Court Stop Death Penalty For A While

A photo of four people with name of Nirbhaya Gang Rape Case

Nirbhaya case A petition has been filed against the convicts of Nirbhaya in Patiala House court to stay the death warrant issued for February 1, 2020.

There will be no hanging on February 1 against the culprits of Nirbhaya. Patiala House Court has stayed the death warrant till further order. During the hearing, the counsel for the convicts said that they have legal remedies available at the moment. According to the Delhi Jail Rules, hanging can be done simultaneously. In such a case, the death warrant should stay indefinitely.

At the same time, the prosecution rejected this application as false. Mukesh’s lawyer Vrinda Grover’s presence in the court raised questions by the victim’s lawyer Seema Kushwaha and the government lawyer. He said that when all the treatment of Mukesh is over, his lawyer now has no basis in this case.

On this, the counsel for the convicts AP Singh said that the curative petition of Akshay was dismissed from the Supreme Court on Thursday. Now a mercy petition has to be filed, but the Supreme Court has not received a copy of the order. AP Singh said that unless all the measures are used, we cannot be hanged. The victim’s lawyer said that all the tricks are being adopted to delay it.

The lawyers of the convicts

Advocate AP Singh said in the petition that the hanging should be banned indefinitely. Because there are still legal remedies for the culprits.

Vinay’s mercy petition is under consideration with the President, while Akshay and Pawan’s legal remedies also remain. Akshay’s mercy petition remains. Pawan is yet to file a remedial petition.

Even after the mercy petition is dismissed, the convict is given 14 days to go to court again. This is the provision under the law. Now if Vinay’s mercy petition is rejected, he too has the right to go to the Supreme Court again.

There is a rule to hang together

According to the Delhi Jail Manual, when the death warrants are issued simultaneously to the convicts for a crime, they also have to be hanged simultaneously. Although all the avenues for Mukesh have been closed in this case, the other three convicts are still left with legal remedies. It is difficult to be hanged on 1 February.

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