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Nokia  Connecting People

By Mehdi | Updated : (Jun 14, 2021)

Nokia is a Finnish multinational telecommunications, consumer electronics and information Technology Company. It was founded on 1865 and headquarter are situated in Espoo, in the greater metropolitan area. It is a public limited company which got listed on the Helsinki stock exchange and new York stock exchange. In fortune global 500, it the 415th largest company of the world measured in 2016 revenues which peaked at 85th place in 2009.

It has operating in various countries since past 150 years. It started its career as pulp mill associated with rubber and cables. It focused on large scale telecommunications infrastructures,  technology  development and licensing since is major contributor in the  mobile telephony industry and have assisted in the development of GSM, 3G and LTE standards. it was once a largest vendor of mobile phones  and smart phones.

A Journey of a Windows Phone to an Android      

Nokia, travelled miles of journey in becoming an Android phone. It climbed following milestones and ladders on the way and now has been giving tough competition to other well-known brands. With the launch of its first android phone in 2017, it has made its mindset to launch more models on this stratum.

After partnering with Microsoft and dealing with subsequent market struggles, its mobile phone business was handed over to Microsoft, and Microsoft mobiles became its successor in 2014.the Company also tried its hand with virtual reality and digital health through the purchase of Withings. Later, nokia returned in Smartphone and mobile market by a licensing arrangement with HMD global. It then continued to be the major patent licensor for most of the large mobile phone vendors. In 2018, it became world’s third largest network equipment manufacturer.

Nokia was the first organization to launch digital satellite receivers with common interface support in UK IN 1998,it become the first supplier to  generate  world’s first digital terrestrial television set-top boxes by British digital broadcasting. in October 1998. it emerge as the best selling mobile phone brand  by overtaking Motorola in this race.

The company got many applauds for its innovative and successful making of camera phones. In North America, the company launched the first ever camera phone in the mobile industry in 2003.

Nokia became one of impact able pioneer of the mobile gaming. The release of SNAKE which came pre-loaded in the handsets.

Nokia developed   Maemo, which is a Linux based operating system in 2005.that shipped on the same year under Nokia 770 internet tablet.

On 2011, the organization established a strategic partnership with Microsoft, in which they will install windows 7 as a primary operating system in smart phones and formulizing its services and platforms by their own. They use Bing as a default search engine.

By 2015, a sudden fall came on the brand, its brand value deterioted to 98th place which was on the fifth number earlier, according to Interbrand. On 2016, the Microsoft sold its nokiA branded feature to HMD GLOBAL. With this new transformation, the nokia entered in the long term licencing deal to make HMD the exclusive manufacture of Nokia branded phones and tablets outside Japan.

Nokia has released its first android phone on August, 2017 with various flagship features.

Contemporary Operations

Nokia has a big role in the economy of Finland on the contemporary years. It emerged as the sole bearer of the Finland economy of that time as it was the important employer in that country working with  multiple local partner and subcontractors.  Nokia has two business groups along with other subsidiaries and affiliated firms; Nokia networks and Nokia technologies.

Nokia Networks

The nokia networks are the largest division of Nokia Corporation. this division provides wireless service platforms and professional services to service providers and operators. It concentrates on GSM, edge, 3G/W-CDMA, LTE and WiMAX radio access networks with increasing IP and multi-access capabilities and services supporting core networks.

Nokia Technologies       

THE division develops consumer products and licensing technologies including the Nokia brand. It focuses on licensing, imaging, sensing, wireless connectivity, power management and materials and other areas such as IP licensing program.


The famous brand was centered with many controversies like Nokia- Apple patent dispute, Lex Nokia, NSN’s provision of intercept capability to Iran, Alleged tax evasion in India.