North Korea Dictator Kim Jong Un Seems Passes Away

  • According to reports – Kim had cardiovascular surgery on April 12, he smokes a lot of cigarettes and also has obesity problems.
  • Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump have met 3 times, North Korea has also closed its nuclear program.

The life of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un (36) is said to be in danger. According to US officials, Kim’s health worsened after an operation. It is being told that Kim did not attend the event of his grandfather Kim II Sung on 15 April. After this, speculations started about his health.

Kim Jong Un’s nuclear program had worried the US. The efforts of South Korean President Moon Jae-in were first discussed in Singapore in June 2018 between Kim and US President Donald Trump. The two leaders then met in February 2019 in Vietnam and in June in the demilitarized zone on the North-South Korea border. It was only after talks with the US that Kim decided to stop the nuclear program. However, there was also resentment from the US for not getting concessions in trade restrictions.

Had a heart disease operation

On April 12, Kim underwent cardiovascular surgery, according to Daily NK, a South Korean newspaper that oversees North Korea’s affairs. According to the report, Kim smokes quite a cigarette. They have obesity problems and they work more. He was treated at a villa in Hyangson County.

According to Daily NK, there were reports of improvement in his condition after this. Most members of the medical team engaged in his treatment returned to the capital Pyongyang on 19 April. Some members stayed there to take care of them.
America and North Korea did not say anything on the whole story
On behalf of the US National Security Council and the Director of National Intelligence, it has been denied to make any statement regarding Kim. At the same time, North Korea is very strict about giving any news about its leader i.e. Kim Jong Un. There is no freedom of the press in North Korea. Kim is completely in control of the media, so any news related to him is not able to come out easily.

Just rumors about Kim

“There are many rumors about Kim’s health at the moment,” says Bruce Klingner, former deputy chief of North Korea affairs at the US intelligence agency CIA. People are talking about smoking, heart and brain disease. If Kim was hospitalized, he would have to explain why he did not attend his grandfather Kim II Sung’s program on 15 April. It is also true that in the past years, there was a lot of news about Kim’s health. So we should wait. ”

During the 60th anniversary of North Korea in 2008, there were reports of his father Kim Jong Il’s poor health. It was later revealed that he had a stroke. This was followed by a steady decline in Il’s health and Il died in 2011. Even in 2014, Kim Jong was away from public life for nearly a month. On this, South Korean intelligence had said that he had undergone a heel operation.

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