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6-hour horror experience at One Night in Flumpti, the latest horror game by publisher Clickteam USA. You can download this game’s APK file for free through the link below the article.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce One Night at Flumpty’s
    1. Who is Flumpty?
    2. How to survive until 6 AM?
    3. Pay attention to the camera if you want to survive
    4. Warning about images
  3. Download One Night at Flumpty’s APK for Android

Overview information

NameOne Night at Flumpty’s
PublisherClickteam USA
Version1.1.6 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Introduce a night on


Who is Flumpty?

“Hello! I am a flower I am an egg. I am immune to the plot and am able to go beyond space and time. I hope you find a good place because I am coming after you. Have fun ! “. These are the first things that you hear from Flumpt, the main villain you will encounter in this game.

The developed premise on Fuzzbear, however, does not mean that Flumip is any less intimidating. Don’t be fooled by his look. Chances are, you’ll think that he’s just an adorable and friendly egg, but if you don’t take precautions, he’ll eat your eyes. Seriously, I’m not kidding!

According to information from the publisher, Flummie is a violent person. He wants to kidnap and murder the player just because he thinks so. He also said that he wanted a friend. If you can survive till 6 in the morning, then you can become their friend, real friend. If you fail, he will beat you mercilessly and eat your eyes.

Also, Flumpty is not the only villain. He also has some friends like Birthday Boy Blam, The Redman, The Beaver. In this, Redman will start on Cam 3 and usually run from 3 pm. His red light causes the cameras to make noise, so you can see where Redman is if a camera is broken. Also, The Beaver is a character who sits in the toilet and reads the newspaper. After 1 o’clock, he would leave the newspaper and stare at the camera. You may know that after informing the toilet roll it gradually expires.

How to survive till 6 AM?

This is a question that requires players to find an answer while playing One Night in Flumpti. Basically, the game plays like Fred Nights at Fred’s: HW or any game in this series. If you’ve ever played it once, you’ll probably have a little experience surviving against these creepy entities.

The horror comes from being locked up in this building, just sitting in their office hoping they won’t attack you during the night. You can’t fight, run, or do anything. You can just stare at the camera system, turn off the lights in two corridors, and two doors connected to two corridors if you know that your “friends” are trying to reach you.

If you think that you have locked the door until 6 in the morning, then you can be safe and get it easily from this game then you were wrong. They destroyed the electrical system. With the remaining electrical energy, you have to make proper use of electrical equipment for 6 hours. If the electrical system goes down, you will die.

If you want to survive, pay attention to the camera

The bottom line is that you need to see the camera properly to keep track of every action of Flumty and his friends. Always keep up with the latest information about the rooms because you need to know that if Flumpty left the space room, which direction would he go? East Hall or West Hall?

The building has 7 cameras corresponding to 7 zones. In particular, Flumty always made her first appearance in Cam 1 with a friendly face. You will see that his eyes and face will gradually change. This means that he is about to go to your room. With the information on the 7 cameras, you can close the door on the left or right side of the room, depending on which direction the flume is going empty. You can turn on the lights to distract them.

Warning about images

One night of frumpy scare players, they opened the game for the first time by issuing warnings that the game was full of scary and scary images. The background of the game is made in detail. With dark tones, rooms become mysterious and scary through noisy camera screens. The hero’s room is also very foggy with some messy furnishings and food.

Even though the main character is a simple figure, like a cartoon I saw as a child, I am shocked whenever the frumpy suddenly appears on the phone screen after looking away from the camera.

Download one night in Flumpty’s MOD APK

There is some information about One Night in Flumpti above. Hopefully, they will get you off to a comfortable start at Flumipti’s house, which is “no way home”. Flumpty’s One Night on Google Play is priced at $ 1.99, however, you can download this game’s APK file for free via the link below, then install it on your Android device. We always try to update the latest version of ONAF. If you have any problems playing this game, please leave us a comment below to solve.

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