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Lion is a popular game released by the studio. Due to the simple addictive gameplay, the game attracted lots of players and millions of downloads in no time. If you played Crowd City by Voodoo, you can see the similarity between these two games. While waiting for Voodoo to release Crowd City for Android, Popular Warfare (MOD Unlimited Money) is a great choice for you in your spare time. Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Simple gameplay
  3. Clash with other gangs
  4. Unlock new map
  5. Colorful graphics
  6. I love this game. And you?
  7. Download

Overview information

NamePopular Wars
PublisherLion Studios
Version1.0.25 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Simple Gameplay

Like crowd city, popular wars are very simple but equally attractive. Enter the game, you will play on the man on the street with high presence. You can slightly edit your character according to preferences like face, color, clothes. Basically, your main task in this game is to move and gather as many members as possible. It sounds simple but the game also gives you a tough challenge, which are other online players who share the same goals as you. Defeat them and try to attract the largest crowd.

Look at the name of the game, you can also guess that the game’s content revolves around street crowd battles. In popular wars each player leads a crowd, distinguished by different colors. First, all scattered at the same starting point and then around the city to gather members. Who is your target They are white people, that means they are not attracted by any group. As you approach them, keep in touch with them for a few seconds, then they will join your team. The larger the number of members, the larger your colored circle will be, which will help you gather the next member more quickly.

Collision with other gangs

Apart from collecting members along the way, you can also steal members from your opponent and knock them out of the game. The condition of doing this is that your group is large. If your circle covers the opponent’s circle, you will steal all opposing members, which means they are completely defeated. If you face more powerful groups, they will do the same to you. In that case, what are you going to do now? Daud. Run as fast as you can.

When your team is crowded, it means that your team will become stronger. Apart from sucking an opponent, you can also destroy many things. This will help you move forward and escape. Each match is the final 2 minutes, do your best to bring your team to the top, conquering the rankings with other players from all over the world. / />

Unlock new map

In popular wars, there are a lot of maps. However, only one map is available, you need to unlock the rest of the map. Unlocking the map here differently than other games. Instead of using money, maps are opened based on the number of times you get top 1.

Colourful Graphics

In a simple game like Popular Wars, the graphics are not very important. However, the game is still well designed. Excellent 3D graphics with bright colors will give the player a pleasant experience. Through the photos above, you can see that humans are designed to resemble matryoshoka dolls, looking very cute and fun. You are having a lot of fun in this game!

I like this game very much. and you?

Modern life makes people less emotionally. Everyone is very busy with their work and their lives so they forget to take care of the people around them. If you want to bring people closer together, try doing it in popular wars. Good luck and have fun!

Download Popular Wars MOD APK

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