Protests against the funeral of Corona patient in Kolkata

The last rites of the eighth victim of the coronavirus disease COVID-19 in India were held in Kolkata on Monday night after police stopped a mob of locals who feared the infection would spread when the cremation ground in the area I was trying to stop him. A group of people also targeted the police in an attempt to prevent the funeral procession from entering the crematorium at around 10:30 pm on Monday night.

Rumors had spread about the man that he had hidden information about the trip to Italy, due to which the behavior of his neighbors was not good towards the family. The man’s son gave the police a consent form for the funeral as per the rules, as he was in the US and could not return home due to global lockdown. He had requested that if there is a rule, the bones of the father should be handed over to his family. This 27-year-old son of this man studies at American University and went from Kolkata in July last year.

Let me tell you, two more cases of coronavirus were reported in West Bengal on Tuesday, with which there have been a total of eight cases of this epidemic in the state. State health officials said that both the patients had recently returned from traveling abroad. One of them has returned from Britain and the other from Egypt.

According to the official, he has been kept in a separate ward of the infectious diseases hospital in Beliaghat. In the first investigation, both have been found infected and samples have been sent for the second investigation, whose results are awaited. Apart from these eight cases, a 57-year-old man from Dum Dum died on Monday in a local hospital due to coronavirus.

Tuesday is the second day of the five-day lockdown in the state amid increasing cases of infection. The bandh started at 5 pm on Monday and will run till 27 March. The police arrested 255 people on Monday evening for violating prohibitory orders in the city.

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