PUBG vs Battlegrounds Mobile India: Pubg Mobile New Update

PUBG Mobile New Update

To the joy of Indian gamers, Krafton recently announced some PUBG Mobile New Update, which will be available exclusively in India. The game will have a world-class AAA battle royale experience on the mobile platform.

Furthermore, the new game will have its own competitive environment, which will certainly help Indian mobile esports develop. According to Pubg mobile new update, the company also made improvements to the game in accordance with Indian laws and regulations while maintaining the original game’s aesthetics. However, there are several parallels between the two. The point is that Battlegrounds mobile India is the game that India rewrites a couple of the Pubg mobile sites to comply with Indian rules and legislation.

There are some inconsistencies between Battlegrounds Mobile India and the global edition of PUBG Mobile, as can be seen in the announcement. The subject of this article is the same.

Major Pubg Mobile New Update 2021

Note: Nothing is known about Battlegrounds Mobile India, and the variations are dependent on Krafton’s announcement.

Target Audience

As Pubg Mobile new update, for special regions with their own iterations, PUBG Mobile’s universal version is open to users from most countries around the world.

Battlegrounds Mobile India, on the other hand, is aimed at Indian teams, as the name implies.

Exclusive Outfits and Events

In Pubg mobile, the player or character was only available in the screen or dressage game. Without these dresses, the player lived without clothes. There was also a big complaint against PUBG Mobile that the male and female player characters were naked. But this will not happen in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The player will be seen wearing clothes from the beginning of the game and will not be naked. Unlike Pubg mobile, from the start of Battlegrounds Mobile, fully dressed characters are planned. Additionally, certain India-specific outfits can make their way to mobile battlegrounds in India.

Also, special clothes and activities customized to the needs of local users will be available in Battlegrounds Mobile India as a part of Pubg mobile new update. According to Krafton’s announcement, the company will collaborate with its partners to put in new material on a daily basis.

To celebrate the game’s release, the South Korean company is working on a variety of in-game activities and material, such as limited-edition costumes. The global version of the game, however, does not have this limitation, despite the fact that it still provides players with a variety of clothes and activities.

Also, Battlegrounds Mobile will have separate exclusive in-game activities and esports competitions in India, according to kraftan. Pubg mobile has activities all around the world.

Less Representation of Violence

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, special care has been taken not to show too much bloodshed. Violence scenes will be kept fairly limited in this game. It is heard that at the time of the killing of the game, the blood splash means that the color of blood splashes will not be red but green. Death shot visuals will not be very clear and graphics will also be blurred on such scenes.

Security and Data Storage

In their announcement message, Krafton included a detailed declaration stating that consumer safety is their “highest priority” and that they will follow all existing laws and regulations in India. This clarifies the primary privacy issues of users. According to Krafton’s blog, the organization will use Microsoft Azure to ensure data security and privacy at any level. Furthermore, the personal information of the players will be kept on servers in India and Singapore as per the new Pubg update.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in India blocked the global edition of PUBG Mobile last year due to security issues because there are no servers or details to address.

Age Restrictions

During PUBG Mobile, parents complained that their child stays in the mobile all day and continues to play PUBG. Many youths had to face physical and mental troubles to do so. Many children had even given up eating at the right time due to the addiction to gam. But this should not be the case with Battlegrounds Mobile India, special care has been taken. The addiction to playing the game had made many people their victims reach their poverty, and the children had secretly wasted a lot of money of their parents in PUBG Mobile.

But this should not be the case with Battlegrounds Mobile India, special care has been taken. In this game, children under the age of 18 years will be able to play this mobile game for a maximum of 3 hours a day. Battlegrounds Mobile India also has a limit to spend money on games.

Any player can spend a maximum of Rs 7,000 a day in this game and upgrade the game item. Not only this, but the phone number of the elder of the household will also have to be verified to spend money. They have also implemented a revised series of rules for underage teams.

Here are some similarities too between Pubg mobile India and battlegrounds mobile India:

Same Battle Royale Concept

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a deflection of Pubg Mobile India. The developer has announced that the game would have a similar concept as well as gameplay mechanics.

Mechanics and Gameplay

About the fact that Battlegrounds Mobile India will introduce some updates, the game’s fundamentals will remain the same. It’s based on the famous Pubg mobile game, and the gameplay is supposed to be similar.

Similar Maps

The Battlegrounds Mobile India will have the Sanhok map from Pubg Mobile, according to krafton. We may also anticipate the addition of new maps to the game.

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