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Three years after development, the game’s global version (English) was released, but for some reason, it was renamed Rangers of Oblivion. The game is expected to be the best RPG in 2020.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Plot
  3. Create your character
  4. Gameplay
  5. Weapons
  6. Impressive 3D graphics
  7. Download Rangers of Oblivion APK for Android

Overview information


Name Rangers of Oblivion: Hunt well, Ranger!
Package com.gtarcade.lhjx
Publisher GTarcade
Category Action, RPG
Version 1.3.2 (Latest)
Size 2G
MOD Features No
Requires Android 4.2

Rangers of Obligation takes players back to the prehistoric world, known as Malahim. This world is full of monsters you haven’t seen before. They are large and very aggressive like a mountain. However, these monsters are not the leading species in the food chain because humans are extremely powerful in this world. They are warriors with a mission to conquer the most feared animals. Wear your armor, pick up the sword, and engage in destroying the demons, thereby protecting Malaheim’s peace.

Create your character

Before joining the game, you need to create your character. Rangers of Oblivion have a variety of character classes for you such as warriors, wizards, archers, assassins, and the like. In addition to powerful warriors, you can choose beautiful, sexy female warriors. Do not despise their power because, in this game, everyone has incredible powers. You can customize the character details like clothes, hair, eyes, skin color, face,…


Originally, Rangers of Obligation has the same gameplay as other role-playing games. The game’s control mechanism is smooth, flexible in real-time. To play this game well, you need to take continuous action within a maximum of a few seconds to deal damage while avoiding enemy attacks.

Through quest and hunting monsters, players will discover the vast Malham world. Apart from this, along the way you will also meet characters like Balen Knights, they will help you and will tell you many secrets in the journey. When you kill monsters, they will fall out of gear and gems for you to make weapons and armor.


Currently, the Rangers of Obligation have six unique weapons for warriors including Longbow, Twin Blades, Staff, Greatward, Lance, and Armored Gauntlet. Each weapon can find weaknesses of certain types of monsters, but the most important thing is that you have to use that weapon wisely. Each warrior has four skills, including three basic skills and one ultimate skill. Energy and cooldown are two important things that you need to pay attention to when using skills.

Impressive 3D Graphics

Highly attractive gameplay and graphics are two signs of this game. Oblivion’s Rangers features realistic 3D graphics with high resolution, sharp images that help you feel the world in the game. Smooth, animated character animation. Each character’s powerful skills come with vibration screen effects, making the fight more violent. Weather system with day and night cycle with rain, snow,…

It can be said that Rangers of Oblivion has the same graphics as many PC games. In turn, the game is very large (1.1 GB) and requires highly configurable devices.

Download Rangers of Oblivion APK for Android

NetEase’s role-playing games are always of excellent quality, with the Rangers of Oblivion being no exception. Download this game in your phone and enjoy the happy moments. If you have something to share, leave a comment below the post.

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