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Real Steel Boxing Champions Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) is an engaging action game from publisher Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Pvt Ltd. The game was based on a popular film Real Steel (2011) and a series of Real Steel games.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Real Steel Boxing Champions
    1. Build your own robot
    2. Fight and become the champion
    3. A lot of modes
    4. Beautiful 3D graphics
  3. MOD APK version of Real Steel Boxing Champions
    1. MOD feature
  4. Download Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD APK for Android

Overview information

Name Real Steel Boxing Champions
Package com.reliancegames.rschampions
Publisher Reliance Big Entertainment
Category Fighting
Version 2.5.148 (Latest)
Size 365M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requires Android 4.2

Introduction about Real Steel Boxing Champions

In 2020, the boxers are replaced by robots. In the film, Hugh Jackman plays the role of Charlie Kenton, a former boxer, who uses a robot to participate in a betting battle with his son Max Kenton to make money. But after losing Ambush and the noisy boy in a match, he had no money to buy another boxing robot. Fortunately, he picked up the Atom, a training robot in the scrap zone. They then brought it in for repair and controlled it to participate in the World Robot Boxing Tournament in hopes of snatching Zeus of the Championship. Similarly, in the game, you will control the boxing robot to fight with other robots to compete for the boxing championship.

Build Your Own Robot

The game owns legendary real steel robots like Zeus, Atom, Midas, Noise Boy … Apart from the robots sold in the game, you can also build your own robot in your own style.

In addition, there are up to 15,000 giant boxing robots with 32 specialized robots. You can customize your robot with spray paint, change each part for it, name your robot, and make your name famous worldwide through tournaments.

Fight and become champion

This game has similar content to the predecessor Real Steel World Robot Boxing. Real Steel Boxing Champions is a boxing tournament for robots. Your mission is to join the bus and defeat all other gladiators including Zeus – World Robot Boxing Champion. The way to play this game is also nothing new compared to games of the same genre, you just need to control your robot, initiate critical attacks to defeat the enemy, and towards the championship.

Controlling as touch and sweep, ie you will control your opponent by clicking the button on the screen, and swipe to erase the opponent’s blow. Although it is a robot boxing game, the gameplay is like a real boxing match. You can attack and defend (keep your hands up to block enemy attacks at a critical location, wait for the right time, and hit back). After the competition period, your fury will be filled, and when you can use your special skills.

Too many modes

The variety of modes is an advantage of this game. There are many different ways to locate Real Steel Boxing Champions. Career mode is where you make your gladiatorial career from an amateur to champion. Apart from this, there are many other interesting modes like PvP, Campaign, Playing with friends … This variety allows you to play this game for hours without feeling bored or tired.

Beautiful 3D graphics

Not only does it own good gameplay, but Real Steel Boxing Champions also owns its 3D graphics. Action scenes, beautiful and realistic bang like a Transformers movie. In addition, the sound is also made very realistic with the sound of the affected metal. It helps you feel the strength and power of punches from huge machines.

MOD APK version of Real Steel Boxing Champions

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: The MOD version will help you upgrade your robot easily by giving you infinite money. Just download the MOD version and use it, you have the opportunity to create the most powerful robot of real theft.

Download Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD

In one article, I could not describe all the greatness of this game. If you are a fan of the Transformers series, a fighting game is not to be missed. In addition, Real Steel Boxing Champions (MOD Money) is a great option when you want to buy a favorite robot when you start the game. Don’t forget to leave comments and reviews about this game below the article.

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