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Sky Roller Mod Apk (Unlock All) is an arcade game for rollerblading lovers. You can download the MOD version of the game through the link below this article.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Sky Roller
    1. Gameplay
    2. 1001 level
    3. Unlock skins
    4. Play online or offline?
    5. Graphics
  3. MOD APK version of Sky Roller
    1. MOD Features
  4. Download Sky Roller MOD APK for Android

Overview information

NameSky Roller
PublisherHoma Games
Version1.17.7 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Introduction about Sky Roller

Publisher Homa Games once again proved to us that simple games often attract large numbers of players in a very impressive way. Their latest game, Sky Roller, has reached over a million installs since being released almost a month and is always in the top 10 trending games. Although newly established in 2018, Homa Games Games has always attracted millions of players from all over the world. These include simple but creative games like Split Balls 3D, Boost Jump, or Idol World.

The sport uses the theme of roller skating, a popular sport in most countries. This is a game that does not require a lot of skill of the player, you just need to know how to balance on skates and then learn more advanced techniques. And Homa Games Inspired by this game, I am inspired to make you play Sky Roller below.


When playing Sky Roller, you are allowed to skip the first steps of roller skating. Forget about the times when you stumble and want to leave, you are now a skilled patron player. You will play as the best roller skates player and overcome the tough challenges of this game.

The gameplay is extremely simple. You use your fingers (pull from left to right) to control the athlete’s feet to fit the path. Hard techniques are not required, no backflip or 360-degree rotation, just you need to keep your balance and get to the finish line. If you think it is too easy, then you are wrong. In the first few levels, you can feel just because there are not many obstacles in the game. Think of it as your training phase to familiarize yourself with control and sensitivity as you interact with the character.

To challenge and create new growth for players, Sky Roller designed more obstacles to stop your journey. As you walk down the slope, the track speed also increases. You should always be alert to the game’s odds. Just a second off guard, you can stumble and start that level from the beginning.

1001 level

Sky Roller has thousands of levels to suit the challenges you need to overcome to become a high roller skate player. Each level surprises you in the way the obstacles are designed. If you stumble, don’t worry. You can start from the beginning. The game does not limit the number of times you play, which means you can try and play until you pass through that level.

Don’t forget to collect diamonds along the way. The number of diamonds you collect is used to skate, unlock characters, and purchase some support items. Although it is extremely valuable and helps you unlock your favorite character, the diamond is like a trap to lose you. Many times, because I was engrossed in choosing diamonds, I faced obstacles after this. The game uses our “greed” to make us mistakes. So sometimes you need to keep a thought in your mind, “Diamond is a hindrance”.

Unlock Skins

My goal is to unlock the favorite characters of all who play this game. Because Rollerblading is a game for all, the Sky Roller characters are also extremely diverse. You can unlock a wide variety of characters with sportswear ranging from an active young girl to an older person.

Play online or offline?

Of course. With a completely free game like Sky Roller, you have to distract something by advertising. But in return, the ad gives you lots of benefits, such as doubling the number of diamonds, gifts, keys, and the opportunity to unlock other characters. You can play in offline mode to experience the game seamlessly without being disturbed. But if you want to earn lots of diamonds and gifts, then play in online mode. Maybe you won’t need to ask my opinion.


Characters and tracks are well designed, but the visuals are not heavily invested. At each level, the scenario is changed to avoid boredom for the player. You will adventure through icy mountains, lush green forests or cities with tall buildings. However, the landscape is designed very monotonously with only one color.

MOD APK version of sky roller

MOD features

  • Skins Unlocked: All characters are unlocked.
  • Skates not unlocked: All skates are unlocked.
Download Sky Roller Mod Apk

Sky Roller is a game for everyone. Anyone can play it and enjoy it. Once tried, I was completely addicted to the game. It is fun and does not consume your time too much. If you are a busy person and want to find a game to kill your free time, I recommend this game.

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