Snapdragon 855 Processor

Snapdragon 855 processor

A Revolutionary Evolution over the Monotonous Performance of Smartphone.


Snapdragon 855 processor is introduced in 2018 and designed by Qualcomm. Snapdragon 855 is a system that mounted on a chip. It is 64 bit arm LTE system which provides high performance. The snapdragon 855 is fabricated on a TSMC’S 7nm process. it is housed by four Kryo 485 silver high efficiency cores that operates at 1.8 GHz together with three high performing Kryo 485 gold that operates at 2.42 GHz that is supplemented by next high performing Kryo 485 gold core operating at 2.85 GHz. the processor is loaded with Adreno 640 GPU operation at 600 MHz and powered with an X24 LTE modem supporting Cat 20 downlink. The processor works with up to 16 Gib of quad- channel LPDDR4X-4266 memory.

Snapdragon 855 mobile is a revolution among all the processors which came before in the industry. It flaunts multi gigabits 4G connectivity. Its reveals transformative 5G experiences while supplementing the Smartphone model with next generation technologies. This next generation processor comes up with on-device AI Capabilities that amplifies camera, voice, gaming and power management faster, smarter and more efficient in every way than before.

It is designed to sink you up in more realizable XR experience that almost erases the boundary between the virtual and real world. Gaming, video and photography is livened up to next level. The processor inside the phone supplements in the performance of camera by displaying over 1 billion shades of color and provides an HDR entertainment that will fantasize your world that you have never experienced before.

With the high performance processor, you can explore the gaming experience with unimaginable heights and it uses the battery smartly in an efficient way to minimize the over draining of battery power over those apps which is not in much use.

Have a look on the advantages it have over its counter processors:

Expands Everything in Multi-gigabits

The advanced processor unravels the revolutionary 5G experience when supplemented with X50 5G modem while flaunting multi-gigabits of 4G connectivity. The snapdragon 855 processor unleash the new era of Wi-Fi performance.

Revolutionize the Bogus Performance of Processors

The processor is loaded with revolutionary architectural improvements. It is powered with 7nm process technology. The processor is designed to implement a giant transformation in mobile CPU performance, and a hexagon processor which is purposely designed to serve artificial intelligence motive.

Supplements the Extra Edge to AI Technologies

The processor serves as an ultimate personal assistant for voice, XR, and gaming. When it is housed in a phone it provides smarter, faster and more assured experience.  housed in a phone model, it works to provide  three times better performance than its  counterparts while supplementing the phone with stellar on- device capabilities.

Do Videography of Professional Level         

Snapdragon 855 processor evolved as a most implemented technology to amplify the cinema-grade videography while adding an external edge to its performance. It delivers the world’s first computer vision ISP serving 4K HDR video capture in portrait mode and it is the first processor to capture HDR10+ videos.

Dedicated Entertainer

Snapdragon is set to provide eavesdropping features in video playback. It boosts the quality of your motion pictures scene by scene and frame by frame. The 5G supporting processor makes the XR real time that is results in immersive interaction in velocity of life. In addition, the snapdragon elite are dedicated processor to provide multiplayer gaming experience to imitate human reflexes.

Never Disappoints You with Connectivity Tantrums

The qualcomm fast connect 6200 subsystem provides a new age in wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi innovations for amplified mobile performances. It is integrated with Bluetooth 5.1 plus advanced low latency and audio capabilities.