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Movies are the biggest inspiration for many people because they are there. Along with ideals, there are fantasies that humans cannot possibly do. For example, the classic Gun Battle always has a lot of fan following. For example, you might have seen shooters sneeze. They can use their guns so well that they can reach 100% of the target. Sniper 3D Gun Shooter will be a satisfying shooting game that becomes a passion for your gunner.

The Plot

In fact, in this game, the player plays the role of an assassin using a skilled gun. But you will not have to face dangerous gun battles with enemies. Everything is almost completely safe when players use their skills to kill enemies they may not know or do not have enough time to react. Players will be able to kill all the enemies they hate and at the same time execute scheduled plans to get a certain amount. Apparently, this money will be used to upgrade everything to make your game process easier.

The creator of the game “Fun Games for Free” promises to give players one of the most engaging shooter experiences. Actually, it also became the most preferred product of this manufacturer. In addition, you will see the story of various genres as well as famous products. This does not make them boring in the eyes of gamers. If you are interested in this game maker, the games that the manufacturer recommends maybe War Machine, Castle Crush, Block Craft, and Color by Number! And the name of the producer also says it all, everything they release is free. However, there are items in the arsenal that can be purchased with money to quickly upgrade the character’s strength. Feel and support the love, then buy some tools to support this manufacturer offline.

The Gameplay

The gameplay is quite simple when you are playing a sniper and using your favorite weapon to kill enemies. When you are setting goals, there will be a mode where players can see the entire map. The normal way is first, players will be able to see the whole picture and also see where the enemy is going and what to do. This boost mode will allow you to target the most likely attack scenarios in that case. Another attack mode is the “target mode”. In this shooting mode, you will focus your heart in the middle of the screen to see exactly the enemy. Of course, everything will be the maximum zoom allowed; If you just touch a small button next to the screen, this mode will be able to activate. Then the task of success depends on your level. Try to hit the enemy with the first shot, so that you don’t have to bother to search and counter-attack. In addition, it increases the bonus for you.


As mentioned above, players will be allowed to destroy enemies as well as obtain the task of those who wish to kill their opponents. Obviously, the player will get all these contracts to earn as much money as possible and to train his skills easily. Sniper 3D Assassin gives players hundreds of exciting missions, set in engaging stories that, if players pay attention, will feel like a worthwhile quest. Actually, after destroying many of your opponents, you can earn a lot of money and upgrade your weapons. In the game, there are dozens of epic armaments that you can choose based on your level. In addition, there will be accessories for the player, making the weapon more useful and powerful.

Download Sniper 3D Assassin Gun Shooter Mod Apk
  • Publisher: Fun Games For Free
  •  Version:3.12.2
  •  Category:Action
  •  Size:107M
  •  Update: Yesterday
  •  Available at:

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