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Stickman Hook MOD APK (unlocked) is a free-to-play arcade game by publisher Madbox, which challenges the talent of the game player.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. About Stickman Hook
    1. This game is very easy
    2. Should we use a mattress?
    3. 100 levels
    4. Simple 2D graphics
  3. MOD APK version of Stickman Hook
    1. MOD Features
  4. Download Stickman Hook MOD APK for Android

Overview information

Name Stickman Hook
Package com.mindy.grap1
Publisher Madbox
Category Casual
Version 4.0.2 (Latest)
Size 56M
MOD Features Unlocked
Requires Android 4.1

About Stickman Hook

This game is for players who like patience, don’t like to be “in a hurry”. If you are in a taxi or bus and want to find a simple game to kill time, then I think this game is a perfect option for you.

This Game Is Very Easy

After playing Stickman Hook, I realized that one of two things could be true: This game is really easy, or we are very good at playing this game. This is absolutely true. Stickman’s move into the game is like Spider-Man. You will control by moving the ropes, jumping the rod, hanging on the “points” on the wall. The cord can be long or short depending on your jump, and then you swing left or right to try to move forward. When you reach the destination, you pass the level of the game.

Like Flappy Bird, players can cross everyone with just a few clicks on the screen. It is quite unexpected that Stickman Hook does not have many obstacles and deadly traps. The only way for you to die is to fall to the ground. But it’s not easy because there are too many floors in the game, you can only die when you fall to the last floor. In my opinion, you don’t always have to hook the wire, you should go a long way to save time and just hook the rope when necessary.

Should We Use A Mattress?

In addition to the points on the wall, there are several mattresses below. Note that you only come in white mattress pads. When you fall down, it will propel you forward a fairly large distance, so instead of hooks and swings, you can choose this way to move faster. Be careful because if you do not fall into the mattress, you will fall directly to the ground and lose the game.

100 Levels

Currently, Stickman Hook has about 100 levels. Each level does not have too many differences except to change the design of the mattress or dots. If you want to win then you need to customize the location and the master location. In fact, many players have crossed 50 levels without experiencing any difficulty. The higher the level, the greater the reward for you, but the difficulty of the game is not increased. This is something that surprises me. We hope that in the upcoming update, a publisher will create more damage to make the game more interesting and dangerous.

Simple 2D graphics

Like other Stickman games, Stickman Hook’s graphics have a minimal purpose. All you see is a stickman, rope, some mattresses and some signs on the 2D screen. all this. While flying across the screen, the sticks turn into a red ball. When you get to the finish line, the stingers will turn into Superman, Batman, or something like that and have fun dancing. Apart from this, fun music also contributes to the fun of the game. Simple graphics make the game light and can run on medium or low configuration devices.

MOD APK version of stickman hook

MOD features

  • Game Mode Unlocked
  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads

Download Stickman Hook MOD

This is one of the easiest Stickman adventure games I’ve ever played. If you want to challenge your ingenuity or find a game just for fun, Stickman Hook is a game you should try once. The games are available on both Google Play and the App Store, you can download the game for free through our link below.

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