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  2. Introduce about Stickman Party
    1. A diverse collection of mini-games
    2. Multiplayer games
    3. Characters
    4. Graphics
  3. About Stickman Party MOD APK latest version
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Overview information

NameStickman Party
PublisherPlaymax Game Studio
Version1.9.6.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Introduction about stickman party

If you ever like games like Duel Otter, Tap and Drag, or 2 3 4 Player Mini Games, then Stickman Party will definitely satisfy you. It is a completely free fun game released by Playmax Game Studio. It has attracted a large number of players since its release. What are you waiting for without experiencing this super hot game?

A miscellaneous collection of mini-games

Stickman Party is not a typical game. It is like a collection of fun Stickman mini-games designed for many players. The game has 25 mini-games, with super simple gameplay, you also have to play for a few minutes. Use the menu to select and open your favorite mini-game. These games are mostly remakes of well-known mobile games but have been minimized and revised.

The most popular mini-game is Stickman Soccer, where players choose to challenge AI or a random friend. On the mini-field, there are only two players (representing both sides) scramble for a ball and try to hit the ball on the opponent’s goal. Apart from this, chickens are also very interesting. You and three other people are in a circle with chickens, trying to catch as many chickens as possible. The racing game is also very competitive with challenging roads and obstacles.

One of my favorite games is Adventure Mode. You and three other players will be taken to a chessboard, surrounded by volcanic lava. That board is divided into lots of cells, but only a few of them are safe, the rest being “dangerous” box cells (a skull symbol). Every few seconds, the board randomly shifts itself to the position of random cells. You have to control the character so that it always stands in safe cells. The last survivor is the winner.

Multiplayer Game

Stickman party towards a fun community of players, so more players, more fun. A game consists of one, two, and a maximum of 4 players. You are allowed to set the number of participants in each game. In addition, you can fight AI or compete with your friends on the same device. However, you can select a player mode to practice more skills before participating in matches with friends. In addition, Stickman Party also has a tournament mode. In it, a group can compete in different sports and see who gets the most points.


The main characters in the Stickman Party are people with colored sticks. And to make the game more fun, players can purchase more skins to help make their characters more unique. It also helps to distinguish his character from other players in the game. Use bonuses on winning mini-games to buy skins, tanks, and many other things. There are many fun costumes awaiting you at Stickman Party like Superman, Witch, Beast, or Mario.


Stickman Party is a game for family and friends. So it is entertainment with images and bright tones. The sound is a plus point, the fun tune, which makes the game more fun.

About Stickman Party MOD

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Stickman Party has a lot of unique skins. You can go to the store to create your own unique character and buy them for free.

Download Stickman Party MOD

If you are on the road and have come across someone using your phone and laughing. Maybe that person has just received good news, is texting with someone he loves, or maybe he is playing STICKMAN PARTY. It is a sport that is suitable for ceremonies, which is used to make feelings between family members or close friends compete against each other.

This game does not require an internet connection, so players can play it whenever they want. It is suitable for many different mobile devices, including low-end devices (as the size of this game is only 55 MB).

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