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Supreme Duelist Stickman (MOD open skins) is the funniest and funniest stickman game.

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Overview information

NameSupreme Duelist Stickman
PublisherNerons Brother
Version2.1.3 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Skins
RequiresAndroid 4.1

About Supreme Dualist Stickman

So far, the Stickman series has always scored with players about simplicity in both gameplay and graphics, always bringing a sense of closeness with someone. Not only games, but stickmen also succeed in the animation field with easy-to-understand expressions, easy messaging. In fact, there are many products of this genre which are very much discussed in entertainment. We can refer to Stickman Legends or Mr. Bow Gaming are well-known games in the market.

Based on the same, today I will introduce you to a completely new Stickman-style game from Neron’s brother, the supreme dualist Stickman. In early 2019, so far, the game has received a lot of positive response and has received over one million downloads on Google Play.


If you have ever played Shadow Fight 2, you will see similarities between this game and Supreme Dualist Stickman. Basically, you will be thrown into a duel against an enemy. 1v1 battles take place with a simple game rule: kill him or push him out of the ring, you win. However, this game has a different way of working with Shadow Fight or any fighting game you go to.

In this game, players are armed with a random weapon, similar to your opponent. However, what makes the game different is the special controller. Supreme Dualist Stickman will delete all buttons like hitting, jumping, magic, etc., and will integrate the game’s two main moves into a single virtual key. You can drag the virtual button to move the character and move the weapon towards the specified direction.

To damage the enemy, you need to hit them or push them out of the ground with enough force, depending on the weapon you receive. In addition, each weapon will have a specific function and its own use. Discover them all!

Characters come from multi-universe

Before participating in a fight in Supreme Dualist Stickman, you can change the appearance slightly. There are many skins, many characters from different games and movies will converge here. Naruto, Luffy or even Santa Claus and many other characters are waiting to find you.

This is similar to the weapon in this game. When you join the Supreme Duelist Stickman, you can encounter extremely interesting weapons, which usually include Thanos’ Infinity gloves or Captain America’s Vibranium shield. Apart from the diversity of numbers, they differ in both usage and special functions. A few small steps by moving the virtual button will activate each weapon’s unique ability. Using it wisely allows you to turn a fight.

Many attractive modes

As an offline game and no signal will upgrade to the online mode, but Supreme Dualist Stickman still offers many different modes to satisfy players.

First of all, a one-player mode will take you to the 1v1 area with AI. You can choose weapons, create looks for both you and AI or drop them at random. In this mode, the rules followed the endless runner type, that is, until you get bored and return home. Apart from this, the machine also has different difficulty levels depending on your level. The easiest is level 1 and the hardest is 9.

Next is the 2-player mode. In this mode, the game allows you to connect Bluetooth or WiFi to your friend. The rules are similar to the first mode, except that you will fight with other players instead of AI.

Finally, an interesting challenge is Survival Mode. By participating in this mode, players will be included in special maps specifically designed for this model. A series of AI will stop and attack you in a big way, your task is to defeat as many enemies as possible while gaining the highest score before losing. Players can invite more friends to play.

MOD version of Supreme Dualist Stickman

The skins of this game can be unlocked by seeing advertisements. But if you do not have time or you are upset with the advertisements, then you are in the right place.

MOD feature

All skin unlocked


To be fair, Supreme Dualist Stickman has a relatively simple graphics platform compared to other Stickman games. Not fancy, not realistic 3D graphics, but I still prefer and want to stick with this game thanks to the addictive. Do not hesitate, download the game now and fight these cute stickman people!

Download Supreme Dualist Stickman MOD APK

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