Download Talking Tom Candy Run Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Tom has become one of the most popular cats in the mobile gaming market when Outfit 7 released the My Talking Tom app a few years ago. This cat is very cute, but also lazy and able to speak human speech when you talk. In this game, you have to take care of Tom from small to big, buy clothes, and decorate the room for Tom. The game has helped many animal lovers raise cats on their cell phones. In addition, My Talking Tom has a number of minigames that attract a large number of players every day, through which they can earn extra money to buy cat stuff. Gradually, as players focus on playing more minigames rather than taking care of Tom, publisher Outfit 7 has developed many more exciting minigames. The latest of which is Talk Tom Candy Run

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Tom’s Candy Store
  3. Simple and fun gameplay
  4. The characters that you love
  5. Travel through many locations around the world
  6. Should you play Talking Tom Candy Run?
  7. Download

Overview information

NameTalking Tom Candy Run
Version1.5.0.305 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Candy/Gems
RequiresAndroid 4.1, iOS 8.0

Tom’s Candy Store

Since he is a shiny cat, he loves to eat candy so Tom opened a big candy store on the corner. One day, a dick thief sneaks into the shop and steals all the candy. Fortunately, when Tom arrived, he immediately followed the thief. You have to help Tom chase the thief, retrieve his beloved candies.

Simple and fun gameplay

If you played through the minigames of My Talking Tom, you can see that these games have very simple gameplay, players don’t need to do complicated operations, just touch to control the screen. On the screen, two arrow buttons are moving up and down. Tom will automatically chase the thief in a direction that you can’t run it backward, just touch the up arrow if you want to jump over obstacles, or if you want to roll, then run the down arrow. Touch the up arrow twice so that Cat Tom rises higher.

I think the game is almost similar to Subway Surfers, but a bit simpler. Talking Tom Candy Run The player’s ingenuity and reflexes are required when obstacles appear, so you have to be agile if you don’t want Tom to fall. Also, do not forget that the most important task is the candy on the way that the thief fell. It would certainly be a very sweet discovery.

Characters you love

You’ll unlock one of seven familiar characters, including Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Hank, Talking Ben, Talking Ginger, Officer Tom, and Ben Brainiac. Do you know them Choose your favorite character to participate in this chase?

Travel from many places around the world

This game gives you the chance to get tickets to travel around the world. Over 80 levels will surprise you with over 80 different locations. The game is simulated in cartoon style for the colorful, close to the player so it fits for all ages. As I see, the game is designed in the direction of the minigame, not like the original version. Talk Tom Candy Run‘s graphics have been developed in 2D, allowing it to be more versatile, easily adaptable to a wide variety of devices, including less versatile devices. You can download without worrying about configuring your phone.

Should You Play Talk Tom Candy Run?

Overall, for those who love My Talking Tom, this game is indispensable on your phone. Each level only lasts two to three minutes, so you can play it even when you want to worry without interruptions. Do you want to enjoy the Talk Tom Candy Run MOD? Currently, the game has both iOS and Android versions. You can download the link below the article.

Download Talking Tom Candy Run MOD APK

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