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Talking about Tom Jetski 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is the new boat racing game of Outfit 7.

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    1. Boat racing game
    2. Beat the opponent
    3. Unlocked 25 Special Jetskis
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Overview information

Name Talking Tom Jetski 2
Package com.outfit7.talkingtomjetski2
Publisher Outfit7
Category Casual
Version (Latest)
Size 80M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requires Android 4.1

About Talking Tom Jetski 2

This publisher is famous for its virtual pet games, such as Talking Tom or Talking Angela. Now, the game I introduce today is their latest product. The game quickly attracts a large number of interested players and gives the highest rankings on Google Play and Appstore. What made this game so attractive? Please tell me in the review. Don’t forget to download the game to enjoy!

Boat racing game

If Tom Talks Candy Run turns around chasing between Tom and the thief, Talking Tom Jetsky brings 2 players to a boat race between Tom and his friends. In this game the player’s task is to control the canoe which avoid all obstacles along the way, increasing the maximum speed to become the champion. Meanwhile, do not forget to pick up the gold coins along the way, it will help you buy interesting items in the game.

Cats don’t like to play in water, so you have to be careful. If you inadvertently overturned the canoe, and Tom would fall into the water. Sure, you are a loser and have to play again. Talking Tom’s minigames have one thing in common that the game with only a few operations. In this game, you simply touch the screen to control the canoe twist, turn right. It is simple, but it does not mean that you win easily. Winning depends on your ingenuity and reflexes, not “pay to win” like some other games.

Beat opponent

Tom’s antagonists are not strangers, they are dogs and cats in Outfit 7 games such as Talking Angela, Talking Hank, Talking Ben and Talking Ginger. They all have great speed so you have to concentrate, cleverly avoid all obstacles to defeat them. Summer has arrived, girls, boys are ready for a new adventure. And of course, no one is happy to lose in Talking Tom Jetski 2

To compete with other rivals and have some advantages over your opponent, you can upgrade parts of the canoe to score faster. However, it does not affect the gameplay much. The most important thing is the skill and reflexes of the player.

Unlocked 25 Special Jetkis

Talking Tom Jetski 2 has 25 special jeskiss to unlock you. Some Jeskis have special effects such as Tiger Rider, Sparkle or The Unicorn Jeskie. Choose the one you like best to participate in this fascinating race. Don’t forget to upgrade your jesky to improve speed and many other factors. Some power-ups will appear along the way, so you should use continuity to win them, maybe speed ups, magnets and so on. In addition, you can build a palace for yourself.


If you like traveling, Talking Tom Jetski 2 offers you the opportunity to explore five exciting places, including Ben’s lab, Ginger’s Sandcastle, Angela’s Beach Resort, Hank’s Surf Shack, and Tom Includes Treasure Island. The game’s graphics are in 2D format, making the game easily more flexible with many different devices. You will not be worried when your phone is low on configuration. The game has a colorful design in the direction of animation, looks very cute, fun. The sound is also impressive with a fun soundtrack.

APK APK version of

Talking Tom Jetski 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money : 2 currencies are coins and diamonds are unlimited. You can use them to upgrade buildings and buy necessary items.


Overall, Talking Tom Jetski 2 is a very good entertainment game, suitable for all ages including children. Parents can let their children play this game or play with them. The game is free and supports both iOS and Android operating systems, you can download via the link below.

Download Talking Tom Jetski 2 MOD APK

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