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 Tiktok MOD APK, this app is probably not unfamiliar to many of us. Daily entertainment videos or funny cut scenes from the stars have been posted on this social media site. Download this app now to share your life, don’t miss the fun news.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Tiktok
    1. Create your own videos
    2. Lots of interesting videos
    3. Tiktok and popular trends
    4. Famous people
  3. MOD APK version of Tiktok
    1. Premium MOD features
  4. Download Tiktok MOD APK for Android

Overview information

Name Tiktok
Package com.zhiliaoapp.musically
Publisher TikTok
Category Social
Version 17.3.3 (Latest)
Size 60M
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Requires Android 4.1

Introduction to Tiktok

TikTok was launched in China in 2016 and is a video social network for anyone. Hot plugins are sent to TikTok every day and receive thousands, even millions of followers. This application allows users to create their own videos with a lot of content such as sports, life, cooking.  Every day TikTok has about 150 million users around the world, it is one of the networks, it is becoming the most powerful society today. If you want to share your photos with everyone, you can choose Instagram.

Create your own videos

Undoubtedly, you can visit other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram many times, meet some short videos, and get back to other people’s activities, the following is the small text “TikTok”. Yes, Tiktok supports users to create short videos in about 15 seconds to record image and side effects. Users can freely adjust their exposure to the camera. Tiktok has a variety of tones and images, such as facial recognition effects such as adding strawberries to the face, swelling of the mouth, or facial expressions of dogs. Some of them are already available when you download this software, but require additional downloads if you want to use them.

Not only that, but users can also add background music to their videos. Choose a great song or make your entire film a backdrop to make your videos more fun. Tiktok has a huge variety in the number of songs selected, with most of the hottest songs. The length of the video is short (it only takes 15 ~ 20 seconds), the program can choose the peak of the song to suit the development of the video or you can choose the music that suits you. Content.

And yet, building a filter for video is also very important, and you need to invest in it. As mentioned, Tiktok can change the color of your videos, making them bold, fresh, or dark according to your wishes.

Finally, after you’ve done everything, paste the video into your profile, and share it with people around the world.

Lots of fun videos

Location of Tiktok quality short entertainment folders. The object of this social network is young people who know how to change in every activity. Tic Tac Toe emerges as an event, a real playground that showcases young people’s intelligence and creativity through fun video products. Not too stylish, not too perfect in the script, and Tiktok’s videos are just enough to make a short film about an empire or filming an event in daily life.

Press this button to follow people who often watch funny videos on Tiktok. This way, their folders will appear on your dashboard, helping you not to miss the videos they post.

Tik Tok and Popular Trends

Ever wondered where the hurricane-causing trend on social media such as “handwashing” came from? This is Tiktok. A simple content frame, some non-professional actors and a nice song appear in a timely manner, enough to make an interesting short film. Only a video of interesting content is posted, and then others can clone the content in their own way, which is enough to create a strong trend in many countries. Tiktok provides users with the tools they need to turn them into actors in a video.


As a potential social networking site, there is no reason why celebrities shouldn’t use it on TikTok. Almost all of Showbiz, gamers and even athletes recorded their moments through Tiktok. Celebrities with a lot of fans often get a lot of attention from the online community. Each video they post receives hundreds and even millions of viewers because it is cute and helps viewers to see their daily lives to a certain extent.

Tiktok MOD APK Version

Premium MOD Features

  • No Ads: You will not be bothered with ads when using the MOD version.
  • Delete watermark: Videos downloaded from Tiktok MOD have no watermark.

Download Tiktok MOD APK for Android

Tiktok Prospective Entertainment Social Network. Download this app as soon as possible to follow your friends.

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