Top 10 Innovative Smart Gadgets For Home Makes You Technically More Comfortable

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Here you go Top 10 Innovative Smart Gadgets  easily available online to purchase it. These gadgets will change the way of your life.

Here is the list of some products that can change the way you live. 

10. A Sofa That Turns Into Bunk Beds

This clever home furniture is ideal for hosting guests overnight. The furniture is designed as a sofa which can also be transformed into bunk beds with just a simple spin.  The sofa cum bed is designed while considering the comfort of the users as its main motive. The mattresses are made up of orthopedic-slated bases. The product is formatted to occupy the minimal space so that you can decor the free space in your house more liberally.

  It cost around $3,900/- that is roughly equals to 277253/- INR. The product is available at

 9. A Pillow with a Hole for Your Glasses

Those individuals, who have to wear spectacles, have their own set of struggles while coping up with the life. There are uncountable numbers of difficulties that they encounter in their daily life.

 Here, we came up with new comforting solution for spectacles wearer.  The products are a pillow that has a hole for the spectacles wearer so that can have a sound sleep without taking off their spectacles. Anyone can have a second thought like why would they need a pillow for their glass frames when they don’t need glasses while sleeping. There is a simple answer of this. We often fall sleep sometimes while watching TV or reading a book then this pillow can provide you a great help for your sound sleep.

 The pillow with a hole for your glasses is available at a starting price of $ 89/- that is roughly around 6327/- INR and it is easily available at

8. A Knife That Warms Butter As It Spreads

when we are getting late and we don’t have the time to make a breakfast for us , then bread and butter is the quickest and the easiest option that we all prefers in the morning. While buttering our bread, we all have to face the common difficulty in spreading the butter over our bread and we have to wait for its temperature moderation for the proper spreading. Here, we have found the solution of your problem. We came up with a knife that automatically manages the temperature of the butter on the knife which results in smooth spreading of the butter on your bread.

 The knife is available at a starting price of $20, roughly equals to 1422/- INR. The product is easily available on Amazon.

7. A Mug with a Customization Temperature

Spilling a cup of coffee can be dangerous sometimes. We have came to know about many incidents at the restaurant s and at the home that the spilling coffee to the hot temperature turned hazardous. Scalding a hot coffee can turns the pleasure of sipping it into greater remorse. Considering, the accidents due to coffee spilling, a company has came up with a mug that have a feature to customize the temperature automatically. The mug allows you to choose the temperature of your choice and the technology installed in the mug will continue to maintain your pre-set temperature when you sip your coffee leisurely.

 The mug will cost you around $80/- roughly around 5687/- INR. You can easily   get it from AMAZON.COM

 6. Containers That Remind You When Food Is about to Expire

 We, the Indians have very bad habit of wasting things. Due to our habit, a huge hill of garbage has been created up in the city. We, often forget things so easily that results in wasting of the valuable it3ems. Food wasting comes in top of that.  To minimize the wasting of food and to utilize it before it get expired, we have come up with a container that can remind you in advance about the date when the item will go expire. With this set of container, you can easily plan your meals which can effectively save your money and food. You use this container to easily view the content s of your fridge in your phone.

 You can buy this container form for $75/- roughly around 5332/- INR.

5. A Strainer That Attaches to the Pot

 We all have felt really clumped when boiling an item in our utensils and draining the water from it when it is boiled. We always find that there is some water still left in our container and this amount of water hinders the perfection of our final food dish.  This clip-on silicon colander is designed as a remedy product to relieve all the food makers from the repentance that they used to undergo earlier. You can use this strainer as to mix in sauces or whatever can do with the set. This product is very light weighted and easy to store.

The product is easily available at at $12 that is roughly around 853/-INR.

 4. A Piggy Bank That Tracks Your Money

While growing up, saving money in the piggy bank is the first step taken from the innocent mind that is filled with so much emotion and consciousness. But when we collect money in our piggy banks, we always want to know how much money we have been able to collect so far. This modern piggy bank will show you the exact amount that you have deposited in it. The record of collected amount encourages the depositor to deposit more money. You can buy this piggy bank for $ 12/- , roughly around 995/- INR.

3. A Time-Locking Container

If you are on a diet but you are not able to control your habit of engulfing a midnight snack.  Your habit of crunching snacks in every hour can be controlled with this time locking container. Set the time, according to your schedule and maintain your dietary routine with much ease. This product can give you a cent percent assurance that your locked cookies will be saved as long as you want.

 You can buy this product at a starting price of 3910/-from Amazon and Flipkart.

2.  An Ice Cream Lock

Ice cream has the largest audience when compared to any other food item. Most of us will never say no to it even when we have eaten form full of our appetite. Ice cream is the dearer food item for all of us and we don’t want to miss our share of ice- cream from any of us. But we all are aware from the greed of the people living nearer to us. So, if you want to save your ice- cream from the thieves, lick it in the ice- cream lock box. The box will save your dear ice- cream as long as you want. You can lock it with a secret number code.

 Buy this box from Amazon at $10/- , roughly around 710/- INR.

 1. A Super Portable Water Bottle

   When we are travelling, every inch of space is valuable for us. We want to take so many things with us but due to the loss of space, we have to leave some things behind. Now, we are showing you an efficient product that can really help you in treating your space problem well. This super portable water bottle can be stored in less than an inch space to provide more space to provide a more place to store your other belongings.

      You can buy it in $ 20 that is equals to around 1421 /- INR.

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