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Best SEO Tools

Top Most Recommended SEO Tools!

  • Google Keyword Planner.
  • SEMrush.
  • Longtail PRO.
  • Screaming Frog.
  • DeepCrawl.
  • Woorank:
  • Ahrefs.

Fully Explained SEO Tools

Content writing seems a generic task but when you dig deeper you will find its complications. While writing content for a website or doing blogging, you need an expertise in SEO practices. The SEO here implies to subject engine optimization. To run your content on top of the search engine to need to optimize it in such a way that distinguishes it from the other available content both in quality and in quantity. To write a perfect Google friendly content, you need to possess expertise in different fields such as marketing, social media, and in designing.

While equipping you with the required skills, knowledge of HTML and basics of CSS, collecting analytical data and developing a strategy that aim to outreach the development of all prevalent strategies in the content writing and developing. While reading or analyzing the data, the thing which matters the most is to add some insights in your store of knowledge. Each time when you read something on the internet, try to search the points that can add something to your skills.

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Today, when the whole world is on internet, there are many experts who are searching new strategies to rank their content on the Google; you also should not sit on your chair with folded hands. Try to find new things ever the internet that can prove helpful to rank your content on the top of the Google list.

To rank your blog on the top, you need to set a routine and upload the content accordingly. Focus on the quality of the content that you are uploading. While the manual efforts in content writing matters the most, some kind of tools can also help you to write quality content by saving your time efficiently which was earlier wasting in the activities like proofreading.

To give your content a professional look, here I am suggesting you some content writing tool that can really help you to write a better quality, Google friendly content.

Here, I am listing the content in some categories. read each category to find the best content writing tools for you.

Tools for brainstorming

These kinds of tools will help you to stimulate the ideas, organize it and to share it.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

If you are having difficulty to find an idea for your content on for a blog on a daily basis then these kinds of tools can help you to supplement you ideas for your content. Through this tool, you are offered to write up to 3 keywords and the tool will give you the list of topics that will be based on the keywords. You can choose the topics for your content according to your mood.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

If you want to give your content an eye-catching headline but unfortunately you got struck and you are not able to find the headline. Then this tool can be proved a perfect boon for you. Try this tool to find catchy headlines that suits the topic of your content and which can attract many eyeballs too.

Idea flip

While writing content, we usually, think about the topic of the content and start to write about it. But to write quality content, we should not start with any random thought that come up in our mind. We must invest our time to check the feasibility of the content based on the idea that randomly came up in our mind. This ideaflip tool can give you best results if you spare some time on the tool to check whether the idea on which you are going to work on is really a good decision to work on or not.

The tool provides you the interactive and visual environment that can aids you to write an immersive content by helping you to implement, manage and execute your idea properly.

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Editing and Writing Tool

The editing and styling tool will enable you to edit and style your contents in such a way that can really add professional look to your content. When we write something, we all unknowingly leave some errors and these kinds of editing tools can help us to eliminate these kinds of mistakes in our contents.


The editing tool is very popular among the writers and bloggers due to its friendly text editing system. The editing tool has the functionalities that highlight the text and phrases that are difficult to read. After analyzing your document, the tool has the feature to suggest you to remove the excessive adverbs and to format passive voice into active voice. The tool is loaded with the feature to show the readability score of your text and you can style your document in the tool’s document style settings.

It has a panel bar to show you the count of characters, words, characters, paragraphs, and sentences. The editing tool is available for PC and Mac. After you done with your corrections in your document, you can download it in a markdown and .html format.

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It is the best grammar and spelling checking tool among the entire content editing tool prevalent in the market. The tool will make your text free form any grammatical errors and it also makes your document so readable by optimizing the content. Make a habit to edit your content on grammerly and it will add skills in you that will definitely help you to get skilled in the content writing.

Stack Edit

This tool is great for converting text into html or to copy it from the wordpress, word, or Google docs without format changing. The tool; is an in-browser editor that is created especially for the web writers. This tool houses many themes, shortcut and layouts combinations to customize your content writing. It features a spell-checker that is supplemented by many languages, and you can sync it with and Google Drive and Dropbox. StackEdit also allows uploading articles on Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and Dropbox in a markdown format with .html, or with rectified formatting using the underscore template engine. This editor has offline functionality too. So you need not to worry if your Internet connection isn’t stable.


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Ilys is a tool that can give you with most unique writing experiences that you had ever have. You need to enter the desired word count, and start the typing. But, here is twist: the app will only show you the last letter you have typed, and you are not allowed to make any edits until you finish writing.  It is Sounding weird, but as you start working on it , it will works like a charm for you.

Calmly Writer

Although you are taking a quick decision to go with OpenOffice Writer and Microsoft Word as your choice of word-processing application, this decision of your may not prove to be the best solution. Yes, they are promisingly powerful, but more than often we need something a lot more streamlined and straight forward that will help you focus on your writing. if you are worried , we suggest you to use Calmly Writer. In this tool, you get the basic content writing tools, such as the liberty to insert different subheadings, quotes, and links, so you can focus on getting all your ideas on your display screen. See its “Focus Mode,” which takes this initiation to a whole new level. When you are writing, the tool will blur all the content except the paragraph that you are writing on.


After we finish up writing content, a plagiarism check before posting it online it a compulsory step that we all want to take to eliminate any kind of copyright issue in our content. Plagiarism is an offence wherever or whenever it is reported but in academics or business circles, the plagiarism reports can  majorly affect your career and while writing online, plagiarizing someone’s else content without citing the sources can lead to Google flagging or can decrease the ranking of your page on the goggle search engine. To make your content authentic and plagiarism free, use Copyscape.

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Unicheck (Formerly Unplag)

Unicheck is the most usable software for keeping texts authentic. It performs its task quickly and scans your submitted files with a real-time web index. The tool opens the access repositories, documents and journals collection in your account. This online similarity finder is designed for students and educator but it can also give great help to the content writers too. The Unicheck tool scans your documents and compares it with other files or document against each other over the internet.  In this way, the tool helps you to avoid other wordings and prevents you to do self-plagiarism of your text. The tools feature the functionalities that can highlights the duplicated test and tell you about the course information with the link of the original web address. The unicheck tool implies a mask spotting text matches from the actual sources. The links will help you to understand what information on your content need to be changed or citing.

Power Thesaurus

When you write content, this tool can really prove a boon for you. The power thesaurus app    is completely free and doesn’t feature any kind of ads. The power thesaurus app is crowd sourced. The user interface of this app is streamlined and elegant. The tool is updated with all the recent developments in the linguistics.

Traffic Inducing Tools and Social Media Management

When the task of writing the content is finished we finished, the content that we wrote need to be optimized with proper SEO tools and tricks.

Here, I am mentioning some tools that can really help you to induce the traffic towards your content.

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For social media management, Hootsuite is a ground that aids the scheduling and publishing post on the social network a task easy to such extent that it can it can be accomplished easily by even a child. Through the tool you can choose to upload a post on the Instagram on a time even when you are not free. The app will automatically upload the post for you.


With the pushscrew app, you can Customize browser push notifications and create personalized user experience. You can add context to campaign and promote strategies with rich push notifications. With this app, you can use these following features:

  • personalized notifications
  • welcome drip campaigns and automation
  • CTA buttons
  • triggered campaigns
  • behavior-based triggered campaigns
  • segmentation

Amplify the user engagements and increase traffic to your website by custom targeting.

Co-schedule click-to-tweet

This app is designed minding the interest of those twitteratis who promote their content extensively on the twitter or those also who have a blog on word press can make a great use of the coschedule tool. The tools are designed to turn your past paragraphs in the tweetable content that can be shared by your followers. The tool is simple and easy to use.

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Ahrefs is an immersive SEO toolkit you can use to rank your writings toward the first page in search. The tools runs the largest content index, it finds what other tools overlook. The app has 5 million posts a day as its record mark that has not been surpassed by any other tool yet. The tool is featured by flexible filtering system that helps you to filter out unnecessary topic on your radar. Each post is seen with social and SEO metrics magnified on charts. It will let you track its ups and downs over time. Some different ways to leverage Ahrefs Content Explorer are:

  • It can perform as a reliable spy of link opportunities. You’ll have the access of all the unlinked mentions of your business engagements or its key factors in the dashboard, while notifications about new mentions will come to your email.
  • If you are struggling hard to find an idea, you can chose a shortcut by peeping on your competitors flagship content
  • When the other tools show only back link profiles, Ahrefs help you to figure out how well a post will performs in organic search. Here, you can track all the keywords for which it ranked, get idea of how much traffic they bring, and analyze difficulties which you are facing to rank your each content.


While delivering awesome content to your followers, it is also equally important to see whether you are posting content on the right time or not. The Buffer app which equips you, to not only manage but schedule your posts over all social media platforms. You can also keep the record of various statistics which you can modify to determine what time is the most effective for posting new content. Buffer is featured by its own image-enhancing weapon called Pablo, which enables you to add text on top of your images and make the look of your content attractive by adding some effects to make them shine.


The effective way to make your content reach the right audience is to getting in touch with the experienced personnel of the content marketing. With the buzzstream app, you need not to worry about searching the personnel which can boost the traffic towards your content. The app is designed to find the stuff for you that can help your content to gain more and more traffic.


Apart from providing you the offers like a content enhancing tool, this app vies you the option to attach call to action Apart in every single article that you share. sniply is designed in such a way that it enables you to add backlinks to your website, which is indeed a revolution. When you add a link to other websites for your users that they find useful, the sniply will pop-up and give the readers an option to go back to your link. The sniply app is really a useful tool to use in your content and you must download it in order to add more traffic in your website.

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Yoast Seo for WordPress Plugin

There are many discussions going onto validate the use of SEO in the content marketing. While writing the content, you need to study the keywords which are searched mostly on the internet. But while giving you the advice to use the keyword, I doesn’t mean that you stuff your content in such a way that it hardly look like a decent content. So, to understand the whether you have used the optimization well enough in your content, use an SEO plug-in like Yoast.the app will do, page content analysis, keyword analysis and suggestions on how to cope it up. The tool is featured by the sitemap support to rank your content higher on Google and Bing faster.

Google Search Console

To your evolution, you need to be instigating your shortcomings timingly. Same holds for the online world, in order to rank higher in the search engines like Google and Bing, you need to find plus and minus points of your contents that have resulted to rank your content in the present position in the search engines. The Google search console gives you the accurate analytics of the frequency of the visitors of your blog.

Multimedia tools for making visuals to increase engagement

Visual content always attracts the visitors than the written content. so, it is always a better idea to promote your content through eye-catching visuals, infographics, videos etc.

Make your content rise up in the Google ranking with these multimedia tools.

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If you want to make your Content rank higher on the Google, try it to make it aesthetically pleasing while reserving its qualities of being informative and useful for the audience. To the content writers, who don’t have any previous experience of the graphic designing, adding eye- candy visuals is indeed a difficult task for them. The canva provides the solutions for these kinds of content creaters. The app enables you to add presentations, posters, and info graphics for all your social media networks. The app features a variety of templates that can really help you to create an immersive eye catching content.

Infographic Video Maker

Info graphics are gaining much popularity these days. They are gaining popularity not because they provide visually pleasing digestible information but because they make the contents trendy with a flat design that can give you the more information in just the pre-allotted space. Readers never get bored by them. So, to earn extra traffic on your website, you also must design your content by using animated infograpohics.

Designing your data with infographics and other things is time consuming. But not using the infographic in your content can be proved a foolish decision as the info graphics are proven to draw more visitors than any art form. The content creators fall in the dilemma of usually while creating content. So, to solve the misery of the content creators we have come up with the solution. Our solution is “”. The provides you the pre- made templates to aid your content with the visuals. On the tool, you are allowed to add, remove or arrange the infographics as you want. After you finish creating the infographics, you can add that in your system in form of PDF.


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