Top Headphones Under 1000 in India

List Of The Top Headphones Under 1000 in India

We have listed the top earphones under 1000  like Sony, JBL, Boat, Skullcandy, etc.

  1. Sony MDR-ZX110A Headphone
  2. JBL C300SI Earphone
  3. Motorola Pulse 2 Headphone
  4. Boat Bassheads 900 Headphone
  5. Philips SBCHL140 On-Ear Headphones
  6. Panasonic RP-HF100M-A Headphones
  7. Cosmic Byte GS420 Headphones with Mic
  8. Skullcandy Stim Wired On-Ear Headphones

Price List Of The Top Headphones Under 1000

Best Headphones Under 1000: Price in India
Sony MDR-ZX110-AP Wired Headphone ₹ 749
JBL On-Ear Dynamic Wired Headphones ₹ 699
Motorola Pulse 2(JY-H298) ₹ 890
boAt BassHeads 900 ₹ 799
Philips SBCHL140/10 Wired Headset no Mic ₹ 365
Panasonic RP-HF100MEA Wired Headset ₹ 1,190
Cosmic Byte GS420 7 Color LED with Mic ₹ 1,234
Skullcandy Stim On-Ear Headphones with Mic ₹ 888
Sony MDR-ZX110AP Headphone ₹ 649
Motorola Pulse 2 G11ROW Wired Headphone ₹ 1,299

Sony MDR-ZX110A Headphone

Here is one of Sony’s best headphones under 1000 in India. It’s inexpensive and has a good design. It delivers a good quality sound and music even through wired connectivity. These are lightweight and foldable headphones that make it easy to carry around on the go.

JBL C300SI Earphone

This JBL headphone is definitely one of the best headphones in the 1000 price range. Having a good audio quality with deep bass. This headphone’s air cup is lightweight and self-adjusting. So you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing them. buyers will get it with a 1-year warranty.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in India Under 1000 and 15000

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Motorola Pulse 2(JY-H298)

The Motorola Plus 2 is a lightweight headphone and feels comfortable to wear. The classic design of this headphone provides a premium look. The air cup can be rotated slightly, giving you a comfortable feel. It also comes with a built-in mic for hands-free calling, which means you can easily switch between calls to music.

Headphones under Rs. 1000 – boAt Earphone and Headphone

boAt BassHeads 900

Boat Boss Headphones 900 is a great headphone under the budget of 1000. It’s a combination of style and excellent performance. BoAt’s headphones provide super extra bass and clear audio quality. Its sleek and flexible design makes it quick and portable to carry. It also has a built-in microphone to control calls and switch back to music.

Philips SBCHL140/10 Wired Headset no Mic

Philips headphones had to be included in the list of the best headphones under 1000 because of its deep bass and clear sound quality. Its exquisite design that is stylish and unique will give you an edge. The ultra-light headband makes it comfortable to wear with an exquisite fit. The soft part of the plastic on the earrings reduces any stress and ensures a solid fit.

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Panasonic RP-HF100MEA Wired Headset

Panasonic has designed it to deliver balanced treble, clear sound, and powerful music. These headphones come with double folders for easy carrying around. Soft high comfort AirPods sit comfortably on their ears for a comfortable feeling. Choose your color from white, black, blue and pink.

Cosmic Byte GS420 Headphones with Mic

Mainly used as gaming headphones, they are great for their powerful performance like music headphones. Its multi-colored LED lights add to its aesthetics and make this headphone a head-turner. Cosmic Byte’s headphones are compatible with laptops, computers, mobile phones, and tablets, while their soft-headed head pads run smooth and light on your head, giving the music it’s strong. It is energetic and fast.

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Skullcandy Stadium wired on-ear headphones with a mic

Skullcandy is one of the famous brands in the headphone industry. It is known worldwide for the amazing quality and performance of its headphones. Lightweight and stylish design will make your favorite headphones with great bass and noise cancellation. The microphone included lets you receive calls and manage your music.

Buying a Guide for Earphones Under 1000

  • Sound Quality: Expect a warm and detailed audio output from earphones under 1000 to be sure. The sound quality is obviously better than stock earphones.
  • Form Factor: When you are looking to buy less than 1000 earphones, you can certainly expect ear earphones and earbuds, but under this price range it would be slightly unfair to expect better earphones.
  • Quality Preparation: Tangle-free wired headphones are honor in this price range. When you are looking to buy less than 1000 excellent headphones, you can expect some highly engineered plastic headphones.
  • Mic and Remote: At this price, you would definitely get headphones with the mic, but it would be unfair to think that you would get a remote for even the best headphones under 1000.

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FAQs on earphones under 1000

What are the best headphones under 1000?

Here at, we’ve listed some of the best headphones under 1000. You can choose from top brands like Sony, JBL, Boots, Sennheiser and more.

What’s the best headphones under 1000 with the mic?
When we talk to Mike about less than 1000 excellent headphones, you can choose from many of the options available in the market.
Which headphone is better to buy?

When it comes to talking about the best headphones to buy, it definitely depends on your choice, need and the amount of money you are willing to invest. As far as the best headphones below 1000 are concerned, you can consider Sony headphones as the best option.
Are Skullcandy headphones good?

Yes, with regard to the headphones considered, Escalandi is known to be some of the premier brands. Talking about the best headphones under 1000 now, we assure you that under this price range you can’t get many options from Skulkandy, but yes, you certainly have some good choices that will be found.

What is earphone bass or headphone bass?

When it comes to audio, everyone uses the term ‘BASS’. Rarely do people know what this really means. Bass is the ‘low end’ of the audio frequency range. Strong bass headphones give depth and intensity to your music, while weak bass shortens your music.

So, for all the music lovers out there, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your hands on the best headphones under 1000.

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