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How many quizzes can you answer in Trivia Crack 2 APK? Once you start the game, you will answer dozens, thousands of puzzles.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. About Trivia Crack 2
    1. Challenge your brain
    2. Get funny characters
    3. Challenge family and friends
    4. The game supports many languages
    5. The whole new graphics
  3. Download Trivia Crack 2 APK for Android

Overview information

NameTrivia Crack 2
Version1.91.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 4.1

About Trivia Crack 2

This game is the next version of Trivia Crack – the world’s best trivia game with over 500 million downloads. Attermax is a publisher based in Buenos Aires, which announced on October 25, 2013, the release of two free Android and iOS operating systems globally.

Challenge Your Brain

Like its predecessor, this successor also released a ton of tricky puzzles. Who is the author of the poem “Fire and Ice”? What did Cornhold players throw for score points? Puzzles with six broad areas – art, history, science, sports, geography, and entertainment – are always enough for everyone.

In every confrontation with a player or when faced online, you only have to press once to open new challenges. Classic mode is slow. In the classic multiplayer finale, the first player to win in each region. And the tower duel mode is a race to get as many correct answers as possible. Or you can play alone in the Daily Challenges section and win the prize for guessing the right puzzle. After answering each question in classic mode, you can evaluate whether the question is fun or boring.

Get Funny Characters

Awards are crowns that you can use to collect characters, such as Iced Tina and her friend Popboat from the future. Although they are mostly used for decoration, these cute characters give you more reason to drown in this world full of amazing knowledge. And if you know that the author of “Fire and Ice” is Robert Frost, then this is truly your world.

Challenge Family & Friends

When connected to the Internet, you can invite friends and family to the match to see who can answer more puzzles. It is a fun activity on weekends when everyone gathered together and solved the puzzle together. Trivia Crack 2 is a great game, suitable for all ages so that everyone can join. Parents can use this game to teach their children useful lessons.

The game supports multiple languages

Are you worried that the language barrier makes a general knowledge crack 2 puzzles difficult to read and understand? don’t worry. The game supports more than 20 popular languages worldwide and continuously updates other languages to maximize support players. You can find and change the language in the settings.

Whole New Graphics

When playing Trivia Crack 2, you will enjoy beautiful pictures and environments with vivid colors, more vibrant than ever. The game’s graphics are much more advanced than its predecessor, giving you the most amazing experience. During the game, there are lots of fun songs.

Download Trivia Crack 2 APK

The answer is “yes”. Trivia Crack 2 is not only a puzzle game, but it is also a channel providing useful knowledge about everything about everyday life. The game is giving me a lot of information about sports as well as science, history, things that I think will never be known. Are you ready to challenge your brain? Download the game through the link below this article.

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