Twitter shuts downs the use of Animated PNG Files Amid Safety Concerns

As per the new twitter announcements, it has been declared that the social networking platform, Twitter has pulled support for all animated PNG files considering the safety of their users. Twitter claims that the animated PNG files don’t fit in and respect the platform’s auto play settings.

As reported by twitter, animated PNG files do not acclaim the platform’s auto play settings. Regarding the use of animated PNG files, the twitter said that the APNGs is no longer supported on their platform. In explaining their matter, the twitter said that APNGs don’t acclaim the auto play settings and it can be misused for the troll that can trigger seizures in people having epilepsy. Further, using animated PNGs in a tweet can affect the performance of the app too.

As twitter quotes, they want to create a suitable and safe environment for the users. Twitter acknowledges the fact that APNGs adds fun but at the same time, it is observed by twitter that they don’t respect the twitters’ autoplay settings.

More on that, it is said that any sort of imagery in a loop can turn dangerous from sensitivity to motion and flashing imagery for the people, including epilepsy patients. Apart from the safety concerns, twitter senses that these APNGs cause performance failures when users upload multiple images using animated PNGs files in a tweet.

The twitter clears this doubt that whether the users will be able to use animated images in their post or not. Twitter clears that the users have the option and they can use GIFs in place that.

A recent post by Twitter engineering explains that the use of PNGs for animation is difficult. When a user uses them in their post, it causes the slower functioning of the app on the user’s device and it also increases the RAM usage that can result in frequent app crashes in the device. Ultimately, the failures in the proper functioning can result in bad twitter experience and nothing much can be done to improve this in spite of barring the use of APNGs on Twitter.

So, While concluding, we say that the user will not be able to use APNGs on Twitter. the twitter clarifies that the previously loaded APNGs files will not be removed from the app. This clarification brings a big relief for the users who might be wondering if their previously loaded APNGs files will be available on the platform or not.

Moreover, a new feature that will have the same functioning as the APNGs is in preparation mode and Twitter is planning to introduce it soon on their platform.

While we discuss the feasibility of the initiative taken by the twitter, we find that the trolls will still be able to use GIFs to mock people’s post but still, this step can be considered as a productive initiative taken by the social media giant that tries to curb down the unethical or demotivating activities on the platform.

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