Ultimate Offroad Simulator Mod Apk Premium Download

MOD APK version of Ultimate Offroad Simulator has a lot of money.

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  2. Introduce about Ultimate Offroad Simulator
    1. Gameplay
    2. Upgrade your SUVs
    3. Graphics
  3. MOD APK version of Ultimate Offroad Simulator
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Overview information

Name Ultimate Offroad Simulator
Package com.sir.racing.ultimateoffroadsimulator
Publisher Sir Studios
Category Racing
Version 1.2.1 (Latest)
Size 96M
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Premium Unlocked
Requires Android 4.4

Introduction about Ultimate Offroad Simulator

Do you remember the last motorcycle simulator game that I introduced earlier? There is a new experience in the racing genre that it will be difficult to leave the game. The good news is that the car version of this game has been released by Sir Studios. Forget the tough race against other opponents on the asphalt, because the ultimate offroad simulator will take you into the Offroad world with a more new and interesting approach!


Like the ultimate motorcycle simulator, the gameplay of the Ultimate Offroad Simulator is fairly straightforward to approach. Players sit in their cars, drive to city locations to choose game modes.

Time trial mode, where you must run overtime to win. More specifically, you will have to search and collect checkpoint points for a limited time. If you win, you will receive a bonus and the system will be moved to the city center to continue selecting the second game. Note that the challenge level one level will be raised each time you win successfully.

Apart from this, the game also has a parkour mode. Just by hearing the name, you can already imagine the gameplay and the challenges that need to be overcome, right? Yes, here is an opportunity to show your driving ability. You have to drive on containers, move through wooden planks. Sometimes, you must speed the car to fly through a hole and land on the other side of the road. Therefore, each time you successfully conquer an area, this challenge becomes even greater. The difficulty is, but it also offers some attractive bonuses, which stimulate any racer’s ability to win.

Sometimes, if you find the challenges very difficult, walk around the city to practice and improve your driving skills. Precious diamonds also appear randomly, you can collect them to use for special activities!

Upgrade your SUVs

At the beginning of the game, the system gives you a default vehicle. But you see, as the difficulty gets worse and you realize, this set of engines is too weak to climb that slope. Or is this nitro tank too small, not to satisfy a speed enthusiast rider? Please go to the upgrade section. Here, you can change or upgrade any part of the car from the engine, turbo, wheels, nitro, suspension, or gearbox. Brings speed, control, and adhesion points to each vehicle.

As a racer, you know, the higher the performance indicator for a car, the easier it is to control and achieve the best performance on the track. Upgrade and overcome all challenges in this game.


The graphics of the Ultimate Offroad Simulator are beautifully designed, the maps are polished in detail while the effects of light, day and night, or dirt are also very real. While driving around the game’s massive map, the weather is constantly changing, it gets darker and sometimes you have the chance to watch the sunset over the sea.

MOD APK version of Ultimate Modroad Simulator

MOD Features

Unlimited Money / Diamonds: Now, you can use the money in the Ultimate Offroad Simulator MOD APK version, which we can shop for new SUVs with a unique shape and more powerful engine Offer. More than this you can also unlock some limited diamond cars. They are the special editions you want to see last and if you use the original version of the final Offroad Simulator it is hard to get. In addition, you can change parts and upgrade your car easily. Thanks to this, you will gain more in the process of conquering challenges.

Premium Unlocking: Unlock the premium driver and remove all advertisements in the game.


Currently, there are many Offroad style racing games such as Gigabit Off-Road, Trucks Off-Road, and Ultimate Offroad Simulator. Each of them provides a different experience. And if you do not want to compete with other competitors, choose the ultimate offroad simulator. There are many achievements and prizes for you to win.

Download Ultimate Offroad Simulator MOD APK

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