Uttarakhand Day

Uttarakhand Day celebration 2019 2020

Uttarakhand day is celebrated every year on 9th of November.

The state, formerly known as uttranchal is situated in the northern part of India. The Hindu people refer this place as devabhumi as the place houses many temples and the pilgrimages based on the gods in the Hindu mythology. This place houses Himalayas, terai and bhabhar. The Uttarakhand state has the total area of 53,483 km2.

On 9th of November the place has gained the acquisition as the Indian state in the constitution of the India. It is the 27th state of the republic of India that was carved from the Himalayan districts of Indian states. The state has been divided in the two parts that is Garhwal and the kumaon. It has 13 different districts.

The largest city of the uttarkhand, dehradun is the capital of the state.

The state is bordered by the following regions in the four directions.

  • In the north, it has Tibet Autonomous Regionof China.
  • To the east, Sudurpashchim Pradeshof Nepal.
  • In the south, it has Indian states of Uttar Pradesh.
  • In the west and north-west, it has Himachal Pradesh.

The natives of this place is known as uttarakhand and on 9th of November, they use to celebrate the formation of the state. On this day, they imposter the memory of how the state was formed afteraround more than 50 years of  getting the independence of our nation form the hands of Britishers. The state waqs formed on 9th of November in 2000.

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