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War Robot – Realistic action about destructive battles, giant fighting robots, equipped with powerful guns, killing, and destroying everyone in your path. This toy is specifically designed for multiplayer battles, so make your internet seamless before starting the gameplay.

It should be noted that despite the excellent three-dimensional graphics effects, the game is well optimized, lightning-fast, and also works soft on slightly powerful Android devices. Unfortunately, the main menu is missing. Users suddenly find themselves in a special hangar, where they notice their war machine and offer to unlock the next slot. However, this action will wait, then click on the big button, orange-colored, with the inscription “Start a fight”, and immediately land on the battlefield.

Battles take place in some places, you can only destroy enemies and escape at any cost. It seems so strange that gamers don’t have the ability to choose cards, the type of fight, and so on, they immediately get into a random fight.

Management is very convenient, without any difficulties, intuitively obvious: the left screen of the device has a joystick, through which players will control a huge battle iron machine. It is possible to rotate your robot’s weapon tower by sliding your finger across the screen. And to the right is the key to replace the weapon and a large bright red button, which is responsible for further shooting.

If you like robots and want to experience passionate battles between these characters, War Robot is a good action and adventure game where you have to create competitive teams of robots to win your opponents in online battles.

One of the things that make war robots very interesting is a large number of available weapons. Not only can you unlock more than 45 robots, but you also have to go about acquiring a new arsenal of attacks to reduce enemy forces. In particular, more than 50 missiles, pistols, or plasma cannons are available.

Graphics are another attraction, as you can experience exciting fights in 3D. In this way, you have to tap on the screen to select the attacks and the robot you want to take them out. Also, you can make your own clan be indestructible.

War Robot is a game that promises action in every round. Build a good team of robots, increase their powers, and equip them with the best weapons. Only in this way you can become a leader in this universe.

War Robot – Multiplayer online shooter, which is proposed to take control of a giant robot and fight on the battlefield with other users around the world. The solo campaign is not here. The action begins with a hangar in which the player can first see his robot. In addition, after pressing the corresponding button, the game sends the user to a random battle, where he must learn the basics of management.

The virtual joystick on the left is responsible for moving around the map, the weapon shooting buttons are on the right. Swipe in the right direction and rotate the tower. On the combat vehicle, you can install two weapons. Usually, they are a machine gun and rocket launcher, but with the help of game currency, you can diversify your arsenal. The money is given for the successful completion of the fight so that the robot can be upgraded only after consecutive victories in the battle.

One main advantage of the game is the excellent customization for any device on Android OS – there are no lag and freezes. And this is in the presence of good 3D graphics and the need to connect to the Internet. Excellent visual effects and sound bring joy from shooting huge mechanics. War Robots – A great online shooter designed for fans of multiplayer battles like WoT.

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