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Zombies Ate My Friends (MOD Unlimited Money) is a game released by Glu Games in April 2013. Zombie games have always been popular with players over the past few decades, evicted by many zombies. Games released every year on many different platforms. If you are ready, you choose a weapon you like and play with me to kill zombies in this fun game.

Friends are an integral part of life. They are always on our side in times of unhappiness or happiness, but they are the ones who know our secret and often offend us. But this is why friends make our lives more interesting. If one day, they were eaten by zombies? I would definitely carry a gun or a baseball bat and teach the zombies a lesson, letting them know that they had just made a mistake. Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Storyline
  3. Gameplay
  4. Graphics
  5. How to play
  6. Some things you may not like!
  7. Overviews
  8. Download

Overview information

NameZombies Ate My Friends
Version2.1.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold
RequiresAndroid 2.3


The plot of this game is very impressive with funny characters or many funny scenes. In Zombies Ate My Friends, you will be given a free ticket to visit the city of Feasterville. The game also adds that the town has a population of 4206, but mostly they are not human but have become zombies. This is the most terrifying tour ever. If you still intend to stop, find a house or a weapon to hide and then fight the last part of the city.


Zombies Aye My Friends is a role-playing game that encourages players to develop their character through a variety of missions and equipment. You can customize your character with a wide variety of styles by purchasing clothes, hair, hats, shoes, … for the character. Also, don’t forget to buy the strongest weapon to kill the zombies, but its price is not cheap at all.

There are two main types of currencies: dollars and golden skulls are used to upgrade equipment, buy new items. Dollars will be easier to earn by killing zombies, completing missions or you can pick them up on the street and in the trash.


Zombies Aye is highly rated in my friend’s graphics. Although there are no 3D graphics, the game is still beautifully designed with many different colors. This character is quite funny, at first glance you will not feel that it is a horror game, but rather a game for children. Also, characters with different types of funny situations make you feel funny.

How to play

The gameplay of Zombies Aye My Friends is simple, there are blue arrow keys on the screen to help you control character moves, and some virtual keys are known for your appropriate choices such as phone call support help or handbook. What to do next. First of all, your plane is in trouble and it is falling, your mission is to get the necessary items and some people you can save.

The red arrow will take you to places where people are in danger, and of course, zombies are everywhere and ready to eat you anytime. Like, over time you can explore the whole city, escape and kill all the zombies. But first, you should think about protecting yourself otherwise you will become one of them.

Some Things You May Not Like!

Each player’s operation consumes a certain amount of energy, you have 35 maximum energy at level 1 and will increase by level. In the first level, the zombies are quite weak so that you can easily beat them without much action. However, when the boss appears you must spend 60 to 90 energy enough to defeat them, and of course you don’t have enough of that energy. Your energy will recover with a time of 3 minutes / 1 energy. You can use cash to buy the energy of the game if you want. For me, this is actually quite annoying and time-consuming.


Although not perfect yet, Zombies Ate My Friends is still an exciting action game for your time. The game is available for two iOS and Android operating systems, you can download via the link below.

Download Zombies Ate My Friends MOD

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