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Zooba: Free-for-All Zoo Combat Battle Royal Games MOD Unlimited Sprint Skills – An exciting multiplayer action game in which you engage in the most popular royal battles, you can get the most significant reward, it is to be the only surviving hero of other players. Battlefield between. To start the game, select your animal and go to battle, 20 players on the battle map can win in a hurry to get more and explore the area, search for equipment, shelters and Can also create traps for other heroes. Get the opportunity to discover new heroes and replenish your collection by collecting them all, as well as improve your strength and discover new super skills.

Zooba: Free-for-All Battle Game 2.10.0 Epc Mod latest is an action Android game

Download Final Version Zooba: Free-for-all Battle Game Android with Direct Link Apk Mod

Zooba: Free-for-All Battle Game is an action Android game created by Wildlife Studio that you can install on your Android device!

Choose your animal and fight with zoo shoots! Zooba is a zoo battle royale game, join the action and keep the battleground alive to become the king of the zoo! Multiplayer / PvP; Free Games; Funny Shooting & amp; Guns

Zooba is a fun mix of traditional battle royale and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). Fight between animals in the field, shooting your enemies, and survive in this multiplayer fighting game!

“Choose a fun animal and brawl to survive in this epic Battle Royal game! Zoba is more than a PvP Battle Royal, it’s a free animal game in a zoo-themed battle land. Zoba Battle Royale and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is a fun cross between, adopting the best content from each genre. Fight with epic animals and survive the feud in Battle Land in this free PvP combat game!

Select with over 10 fun animal characters! In this free battle game, ambush stealthily with the ground master gorilla or star chameleon and shake the ground. Each animal has unique abilities to help its feud and survive in the war land.

Battle with 20-star animals in a free PvP multiplayer battle land, free-for-all Battle Royale-style combat.

In this free Battle Royale, you pick up guns in the battlefield and fire at other animals to survive and become the star of the zoo.

Look into BATTLE
To survive in this battle royale, first dispute with the merry guards and do not catch fire in the zoo battleground.

King of the Zoo
Join PvP action in Battle Land to win epic prizes and upgrade your animals and become the star of this epic zoo!

Game with your friends
Dispute and become a star online with your friends in this free epic battle royale game! Choose your epic animal and let the best survive in these battle lands!

Purchase the Zoo Battle Pass for full access to exclusive content and epic prizes in the game.

Choose from 10+ ANIMALS
More than 10 animals that can choose and try to survive! Shoot with angry gorillas or fight with sneaky chameleons! What is winning the battle?

Multiplayer Battle Land features 20 animals with the Battle Royal Style Arena.

The best chance is
Prepare for action & amp; Shooting! Pick up guns on the battlefield to strengthen your beast and shoot your enemies.

Watch out
To be alive, first, shoot the guards and avoid the fire in the arena.

King of the Zoo
Win prizes, use your new items, and upgrade your animals to become king!

Fight your friends
Fight your friends in this fun multiplayer online game.: / />

V.I.P Fighters
Purchase a Battle Pass for full access to exclusive content and the Daily Prize.

All this, for free!

Are you ready to take action? Grab your gun, fight against other animals, and survive in battle land! Only the best animal fight will win the battle in the best game of the Royal Game!

Remember: Zooba is a fun mix of traditional battle royale and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). Join the action and become the king of the zoo to survive the battle on the battlefield! Multiplayer / PvP; Free Games; Amazing Shooting & amp; Guns.

What’s New:

  • Choose a dress and get ready for tricks and treats, because Zobavine is here!
  • Let’s celebrate the date with a much anticipated new character and a special event.
  • new character
  • – Henry the Bat
  • New Skin
  • – Metalhead Henry
  • Halloween
  • – New themed events
  • – Zoo updated with spooky decorations
  • – The guard’s health increased to match his terrifying new look

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